For the market leader in cosmetic products and chemical conduct activities supporting the development and maintenance of ERP environment. Concentration of activities in the framework of a coherent strategy has already yielded the expected results.

The centralization of activities in one company, you can follow marked out at the beginning of the path of cooperation, implementation of many tasks by the same consultants, and as a result – in-depth knowledge of configuration and system requirements, which considerably speeds up our action on the occasion of further orders. Exemplary work is due primarily responsible architects solutions at the Global Cosmed – says Adam Warszewski, Associate Partner at Hicron.

One of the main tasks of the team Hicron was a perfect representation of the shape of an integrated ERP system in all branches of Global Cosmed Group in Poland and abroad.

The team Hicron realized for Global Cosmed rollout in the company Domal Global Cosmed GmbH, in progress are projects for Global Cosmed International GmbH and Global Cosmed GmbH. In addition to the necessary optimization work Hicron also ensures the maintenance of SAP systems in the area of ​​application service and maintenance.

Hicron contribution to be made to the Global Cosmed projects initiated a successful and long-term cooperation. Consultants all areas provide continuous support for the development of the Group operating systems and combine them with our business goals – says Sławomir Miętka, Member of the Board of Global Cosmed Group SA