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We run the Hicron Tech-Blog with our business partners in mind, focusing on topics that are important to the IT industry and extensively discussing issues related to business digitization. We make sure that the content on the site remains relevant to current events and keeps up with the dynamic changes in the IT world, while being written in an understandable and accessible way.

Our Tech-Blog features business articles and expert commentary.

SAP system

We have been implementing and maintaining SAP systems for enterprises for nearly 20 years. Our articles present the experience gained during this time together with best practices.

We cover many practical aspects directly related to SAP implementation, but also more general topics associated with organizational development and the evolving business landscape. We share knowledge in the field of ERP software for HR, finance, sales, but also production and logistics departments.


We have been working with the automotive industry since the company’s inception, always carefully listening to the voice of our Clients and staying on top of the market. We have created innovative, dedicated solutions for automotive dealers and manufacturers.

On the Tech-Blog, we write about important industry topics: building relationships with customers, ways to reach them, upcoming industry changes, supply chains, production planning, and warranty systems.


We help businesses grow not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Atlassian software for large and small organizations streamlines the work of project teams through easier task management, automation, and quick reporting. Read our Tech-Blog to find information on technical issues as well as advice on improving employee comfort.


We talk about our experiences in one of the most rapidly growing areas of business. Our company offers e-commerce consulting and possesses the expertise to work with large organizations, understanding their challenges and effectively planning strategies. We closely monitor emerging trends, analyze them, and provide guidance. The Tech-Blog explores opportunities specifically relevant to large e-commerce businesses.

Partnership is ingrained in Hicron’s DNA. Through our Tech-Blog, we share knowledge and experience, emphasizing transparent communication. We make readers aware of the opportunities offered by business transformation, identify threats, and propose ways to avoid them. We highlight challenges while showcasing methods to gain a competitive edge.

With projects spanning six continents and various industries, we possess extensive business awareness that we utilize to create our technology blog. While well-versed in established solutions, we eagerly take on custom, dedicated challenges that contribute to our growth.

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