A New Chapter in Hicron’s History

After more than 8 years, there has been a change in the CEO position at Hicron. Due to personal circumstances, CEO Michal Guzek is stepping down after a long collaboration. His responsibilities will be taken over by Remigiusz Efinowicz, the company’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

In addition to his role as Managing Partner, Remigiusz Efinowicz also served as Executive Director of International Sales. Having been with Hicron since its inception, he has a deep understanding of the organization and its business landscape. He brings enthusiasm and professionalism to each new project and fosters the establishment of enduring relationships.

This is not a revolution, but the next step in the company’s evolution. We are writing a new chapter in our history. If all goes according to plan, we will expand our reach to more countries later this year. However, our main priority remains to maintain a suitable level of profit and to promote sustainable growth of the organization – says Remigiusz Efinowicz, CEO of Hicron – I extend my gratitude to my colleagues for the trust they have placed in me. It is a great responsibility.

In addition to the CEO change, Paweł Kresak has been appointed to the company’s Management Board as Chief Customer Officer. Like Remigiusz Efinowicz, he has served as Hicron’s Managing Partner for many years. He will now be responsible for overseeing the company’s foreign operations and strengthening cooperation with key customers.

We have decided to divide the responsibilities so that we can give each task our full attention – says Paweł Kresak, CCO of Hicron – The new role and ambitious plans involve a substantial workload, but we are ready for this work.

Despite the changes in the leadership, the company’s situation remains stable, and its financial results for 2023 were in line with expectations. The commitment of all stakeholders to safeguard the company’s interests ensured a seamless transfer of responsibilities without disrupting business continuity.

Since its first days, the restructured Management Board has been working diligently to facilitate Hicron’s growth and maximize its potential. The company’s roadmap for 2024 includes opening more representative offices abroad and adapting the organization’s long-term strategy to the latest market changes.

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