New date for KSeF – is it worth implementing earlier?

The announcement of the Minister of Finance on January 19, 2024 to postpone the implementation date of structured invoices has raised many questions among entrepreneurs. What about the projects that are already in progress? Is it worthwhile to implement the solution earlier? Together with our experts we try to answer the most important questions.

When will the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF) come into force?

Although we do not yet know the exact date the KSeF system will go into effect, it will be “as soon as possible”. Many companies have already completed implementations, so it is expected that the project will not be delayed any longer than necessary.

What about those who have not started looking for a supplier yet?

Implementing KSeF is a seemingly simple project, but in some cases it can be a major undertaking that requires redesigning internal processes. By starting the project early, we can ensure that the organization and employees have time to implement and get used to the changes, and the contractor has enough time to transfer the new architecture to the virtual environment.

What about the projects that are already in progress?

Our experts recommend continuing the work as planned. Prior to the full launch of the KSeF system, we provide an SAP connection to the ministry’s test environment. This means that companies do not have to use KSeF before the deadline (but they can). The actual system can then be launched very quickly.

Although the tool is simple and the training is undemanding, not everyone adapts equally quickly to the new environment. Giving them more time will help avoid mistakes later on.


For your own security and to ensure smooth operations, last-minute implementation is not worth the risk. By sticking to a schedule or choosing a supplier, you can be sure that everything will be ready on time.

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