On February 11th, 2015, the Roadshow meeting dedicated to the pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry was held in Łódz. Hicron was a partner of this event.

Our experts, Gerard Halski, Quality Manager and Chairman of the Board of GAMP Poland and Wojciech Balawender, Architect of Business Solutions, shared the secrets of providing the highest quality in the service of production processes. They presented the practical tools and ways to meet the changing quality standards imposed by market trends.

The conference focused on the challenges and needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in regard to the available solutions. The issue of use of a production formulation solution was broached, as were the issues of creating complex technological cards, providing service for laboratories, and planning and maintaining side products.

Another important aspect was advanced quality control and the adjustment of production to the legal standards (e.g. ISO). Participants also learned how to manage recipes and substitutes, and how to define them.

In addition, there was the question of Traceability, or genealogy, and tracking the life cycle of the product and SCM – the identification of the supply chain.