On June 18, a gala was held in as part of the Customer-Friendly Company program. This distinction is awarded by customers for quick service and the satisfaction with the cooperation so far.

Hicron was one of the winners of the special awards. The PCF title is tantamount to obtaining a Customer Friendly Company Index of at least 85% (in Hicron – 90%). The PCF index is a coefficient calculated on the basis of the overall scale of positive customer ratings and the values ​​of individual factors.

The title of Customer Friendly Company is a great distinction for us. We pay special attention not only to the satisfaction of our customers, but above all to a good understanding of their needs. Without open communication and partnership relations with customers it is more difficult to provide tailored IT systems. Customer orientation is one of the fundamental values ​​espoused by our company. That is why we are very pleased that the title was awarded by them – says Remigiusz Efinowicz, Managing Partner at Hicron.