Hicron’s team of consultants has completed work on a new implementation. The new system has been implemented in the company Atlas Ward Poland under Measure 8.2 of the Operational Programme of Innovative Economy.

One of the beneficiaries of external support from the European Union was Atlas Ward Poland, a company in the construction industry, which with the support of funding from the EU, implemented B2B streamline business processes. Funding has been granted under the Operational Programme of Innovative Economy (IE) 8.2 for its activities, including supporting the implementation of electronic B2B business.

In the course of the contest, attention was paid mainly to the experience and stable financial and organizational potential of the contractors. Hicron met all these criteria, and also suggested further development strategy implemented solutions – says Mariusz Gorecki, CEO of Atlas Ward Poland.

The implemented system is designed to automate business processes that occur between partners. Already at the stage of application four processes in which IT support is crucial have been defined: making offers for building materials, purchasing them, and the workflow and management of receivables and settlements. The implementation also includes an Electronic Data Interchange module.

The implementation process lasted 15 months and ended in January 2015. The implementation of a project financed by the European Union was a challenge for Hicron, as external financing means clearly defined requirements for project scheduling and documentation. The end result is the same, but the road to it is slightly different. The implementation for Atlas Ward Poland was an interesting experience, andwe hope that this is not the last project of its kind – adds Robert Stiller, Solutions Architect with Hicron.