Hicron consultants implemented an option cofigurator solution at NOVOL, thus streamlining sales processes and the production of base colors. The aim was to implement a solution to simplify and shorten customer service and automate tasks associated with the sale of base colors.

The option configurator proposed to NOVOL by Hicron consultants is a solution which greatly simplified production and sales processes of base colors at NOVOL, helping to avoid many of the risks by moving moment of determining the amount of pigment from the production process to the sales process.

During the three years of cooperation developing the SAP system, Hicron consultants have demonstrated their competence and understanding of our business, especially in the area of ​​logistics, on more than one occasion. That’s why we have decided to entrust the task of preparing and implementing configuration options to Hicron. Work on the solution went very smoothly and was in line with our expectations. Saving time, minimizing the possibility of mistakes and increasing comfort are the main benefits we have seen from the implementation – says Tomasz Włodarczak, Head of IT at NOVOL.

The implementation of configuration options in NOVOL involved 7 ​​Hicron expert-consultants who worked on the preparation and implementation of the solution from May to September 2013. Their task was to develop logical solution operation diagrams and implement them into the system. They prepared the data exchange interface with the external program containing information on the combination of ingredients needed to create base colors and integrate with the storage area.