Solution description:

SAP HANA is a next generation solution facilitating data processing and management directly in the RAM rather than disk memory. This brings about revolutionary efficiency, data processing speed as well as new analysis and reporting capabilities. This platform is designed for companies in possession of many IT systems, which are not satisfied with the computational power currently available to them, and which run many complex and time-consuming system operations concurrently. Migration to SAP HANA enables the company to speed up these activities up to several hundred-fold.

Within the SAP HANA solutions we offer:

  • SAP HANA implementation and migration for BW, ERP as well as standalone
  • SAP HANA Live – tables and data models predefined for higher operational efficiency
  • SAP HANA Proof of Concept – service facilitating estimation of ROI level for migration from one’s own IT environment to SAP HANA
  • Standalone cloud applications or their extensions developed based on HANA Cloud Platform.

SAP HANA and Fiori path migration verification within Play SAP production environment copy allowed us to carefully schedule work thanks to an analysis of the quality of work and amount of time necessary to perform it. 

Michał Sarna, SAP BASIS Technology Manager, Hicron

SAP HANA ensures an increase in the system process execution speed by several hundred per cent. It’s an incredible quality increase.

Michał Sarna, SAP BASIS Technology Manager, Hicron