Hicron Efficiency Plan for SAP Leaders

Hicron Efficiency Plan for SAP Leaders

Resolve problems outside a templated square

Is your ticketing system enough?

Ticketing systems are geared to resolve technical problems that are already known.

However, as a business leader, you tackle SAP problems that are not always suited for technical troubleshooting.

Stop experimenting.

Forge a strategic alliance with an experienced SAP Blackbelt committed to understanding the business implications of your problems, finding a solution, and helping you execute with confidence and clarity.

Why SAP Blackbelt?

SAP Blackbelts are a team of highly experienced, outcome-driven, world-class senior SAP solution architects at Hicron who demonstrate at least 18 years of enterprise-grade experience in complex project delivery, strategic planning as well as change and escalation management.

They are dedicated to staying by their customer side, to collaborate with their support structure, managed service providers, and internal stakeholders and bring specialized resources, as required.

  • Receive clear expert advice  
  • Avoid costly SAP experiments
  • Communicate your SAP requirements effectively
  • Eliminate crisis and minimize escalations
  • Resolve incoming issues before they become a business problem.


Strategic Alliance

Receive a structured, continuous, business-ready engagement potentially backed by a resourceful, enterprise-grade consulting practice for SAP and Microsoft.

Outcome Driven

Seamless communication is critical. Expect improved business processes, risk mitigation, contained costs, and successful project delivery.

  • Align your priorities with business metrics 
  • Quantify your SAP issues
  • Understand your risks and other implications of your strategic decisions
  • Contain crises; intervene to help your teams in resolving problems
  • Evaluate new projects, emerging technologies, integrations, infrastructure migrations and cloud conversions.  

Avoid Risk

Any complex business system poses hidden risks, quietly emerging from the shadows of insufficient planning, testing issues, scope creep, data quality, integration problems, or even inadequate end-user training.

  • Uncover and prioritize these risks for resolution
  • Execute resolutions within your team
  • Engage specialized resources, when required.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural diversity propels creativity and adaptability. However, comprehensive IT projects, particularly when governed globally with multiple geographies engaged, may cause differences and potentially lead to misunderstandings and project bottlenecks.

  • Avoid confusion between diverse teams; articulate your technical and functional requirements in term that are universally understood
  • Identify and rectify important issues early by testing and applying quality control measures
  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Track your team satisfaction
  • Facilitate efficient communication across your multiple service providers
  • Contain crises and escalations.

European Advocacy

As an Australian company headquartered in Europe, we understand firsthand how easily our local priorities can be misunderstood, misaligned or simply overlooked by our head offices overseas in favor of other, more prioritised geographies.

  • Collaborate with your head office to tailor their global visions for Australia
  • Secure your resources to execute your local SAP initiatives
  • Include the unique Australian objectives in global strategies
  • Communicate effectively with clarity and transparency – despite of the time zone difference
  • Identify and import useful best practices from other regions
  • Localize your user training 
  • Contain local crises and minimize strategic interventions.

Extended Talent Pool

Poland and Australia share a similar work culture, emphasizing professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to high-quality services.

Hicron also adheres to German and Swiss enterprise-grade quality standards for precision, efficiency, and a meticulous, detail-oriented approach, seasoned by HDI Global, GASAG, Global Cosmed, RuckZuck.pl, WAGO, BSH, Salamander Industriale Products, Swiss Post, Andritz AG, Doka, HOMAG, as well as numerous German automotive brands.

Business Process Optimised

⁠Your IT shall not affect your business. How quickly can you spot system alerts posing a business risk? Do more with your technical team.

  • Find critical alerts earlier
  • Prioritise queue for resolution 
  • Communicate with stakeholders easier
  • Diagnose to delegate for troubleshooting to other teams
  • Resolve repetitive problems.

Use Cases

The following are examples of the Hicron Efficiency Plan use cases.

Reduce operating cost

Identify redundant systems, unused functions, and unnecessary customizations to remove and optimize your business operations.

Negotiate better and more cost-effective licensing options with SAP.

Increase user adoption. Make informed decisions quicker, while minimizing risks related to security, integrity, accuracy, and availability risks.

Resolve performance issues

Leverage our monitoring solution to address frequent system issues leading to repetitive problems. We will help you resolve difficulties related to poor user experience, unplanned outages, cybersecurity incidents, data inconsistencies or audit failures.

Keep stakeholders informed about system performance, proactively notify about new technical issues, assign for quick resolution and prioritised troubleshooting.

Advocate for Australia in global Rollouts

SAP is commonly deployed worldwide through a methodology called global rollout. It helps to ensure that business operations are consistent, efficient, and well-managed across multiple geographies.

However, because each region is unique, the process is not perfect by design. To address any issues that arise, the head office gathers feedback from its subsidiaries and prioritizes resolving them.

Australian subsidiaries often face prioritisation issues. See ‘European Advocacy’ for how we can help.

Project Recovery

SAP, being a complex IT project, occasionally encounters a challenge that requires a recovery effort, potentially caused by scope creep, excessive delays, inflated costs, quality considerations, misaligned expectations, skill set shortages, integration issues, data quality or even end-user resistance.

SAP Blackbelts will help you identify and prioritise quick wins, remove inefficiencies, contain your cost, engage multiple teams efficiently, and access specialized resources as needed.

Complex Projects

Take the stress out of managing projects across multiple teams, geographies, and service providers. Control Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and prevent ongoing issues from affecting these KPIs.

Provide structured oversight to control your project lifecycles, simplify decision-making and assure quality.

Business Process Optimisation

During periods of organizational changes, such as company restructuring, we resolve issues related to adjusting business processes, improving productivity, ensuring data integrity and resolving integrations.

System Integration

Pointed 3rd party solutions are created with their business logic — without consideration for the complexity of SAP. Integrate your other platforms, 3rd party solutions and outdated technologies with your SAP.

Enforce a single, end-to-end process across multiple systems. Avoid disruptions, enable real-time data synchronization and ensure smooth system harmonization during mergers and acquisitions.

Data quality

Having trouble with the month-end close or similar?

Ensure data accuracy, reliability, accessibility, and consistency, automate data quality processes and mitigate risks by removing anomalies.

Manage high-volume complex data from multiple sources, diverse data types, formats, and structures with confidence.

S/4HANA conversion

The technical process for S/4 HANA conversion is well explored and documented. However, some companies require quantifying their success measures and justify their investment in S4/HANA conversion.

Quantify the expected user productivity increase and value of real-time insights for faster decision-making, operational savings, cybersecurity, and future readiness.

Cloud conversion

SAP customers are now provided with multiple cloud options, ranging between SAP RISE with Business Technology Platform and ‘native’ options directly from hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Clouds.

Evaluate these options considering your unique customizations, performance, integrations, release cycles, and geographical reach.

Why Hicron

Prioritised, direct access to SAP Blackbelts
Hicron Blackbelts have more than 18 years of experience in SAP-related strategic planning, change management, and managing multiple vendors. Our team is highly skilled at delivering world-class strategic SAP initiatives that drive results. We take pride in understanding your specific needs and providing unwavering support and collaboration to ensure your success. Whether working within your support system or externally, our Blackbelts are a valuable asset to your organization.
Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of successful SAP implementations in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Northern America and, of course, Poland, which showcases our ability to deliver high-quality services that meet and exceed client expectations. HDI Global, GASAG and Salamander Industriale Produkte are only a few of more than 300 satisfied Hicron customers. In addition to being an SAP Partner of Excellence, we hold compliance certification for ISO27001 along with TISAX, a globally recognized certification standard established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry.
Diverse and Global Expertise
Hicron boasts a diverse team of over 400 experts with global experience and a broad perspective on SAP services. Our high-level advisors are seasoned with some of the most rigorous quality and precision requirements expected by enterprises globally. Their meticulous and detailed approach has been greatly appreciated by enterprise clients, ensuring that even the most demanding SAP projects can be completed. With offices in six different regions, including Australia, we deliver exceptional value to customers across the globe.
Clarity of Communication
Communication is key. That's why we integrate information seamlessly and speak your language, avoiding technical jargon. By doing so, we simplify your decision-making, align strategies, and foster stakeholder relationships.
Cultural Sensitivity
As per the research ‘The impact of cultural differences on project stakeholder engagement' available upon request, some international projects that engage stakeholders from multiple geographies may experience unforeseen impacts causing delays, or even project failures that are caused by differences in business cultures. Identify and resolve these issues using an independent, enterprise-grade organization that recognizes cultural nuances and fosters an inclusive culture and environment of trust and collaboration.
Solutions beyond SAP
Utilize proven enterprise-grade methodologies to adopt platforms beyond SAP, including Microsoft for application development and modernisation (DevOps, Kubernetes, Enterprise Applications) as well as cloud migrations, Atlassian, and e-commerce strategies.
Enterprise Architecture
The Enterprise Architecture team demonstrates Hicron's organizational maturity, as they combine a depth of experience with a height of innovation. These seasoned professionals are armed with a rich background in SAP-based implementations and transformations and wield the power of globally acclaimed methodologies like TOGAF, BPML, SAP Activate and SAP LeanIX.
BTP, Signavio and SAP RISE
If you're looking for a business transformation model that is end-to-end and effective, SAP RISE is the solution you need. It offers a comprehensive range of services including S/4HANA Cloud, Business Technology Platform, infrastructure services, and emerging intelligent technologies. Engage SAP Blackbelts to set clear objectives, develop a well-structured roadmap, and plan with key stakeholders. Close collaboration with SAP and your certified partner is critical to ensure the success of your transformation journey.
Privately owned
Being a privately owned company gives us more flexibility to offer tailored service plans and solutions adjusted to specific business requirements.
Local Presence
Having Blackbelt consultants on the ground in Australia ensures a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, regulations, and business practices, facilitating a more personalized and responsive approach to clients in the region. By leveraging the expertise of the local Blackbelts and a resourceful, world-class consulting team in Poland, we create a synergy that delivers unparalleled quality and exceptional outcomes.
Migration of PO/PI interfaces to SAP Cloud Platform

Hicron was tasked with the challenging job of transferring 80 GASAG interfaces to the SAP Cloud Platform. These interfaces held immense importance for the client as they were related to critical aspects of GASAG solutions, such as placing orders, settlements with clients and offices, and archiving invoices.

(...) From the beginning of cooperation with Gasag, Hicron specialists showed a very good knowledge of the niche area of ​​Integration Suite, timeliness, precision and a professional approach to our needs and expectations. Thanks to their commitment and reliable diagnoses – the project is progressing steadily, and we have a sense of security.

Ronny Stamm

Why now?

We understand how crucial it is to ensure that engaging in this type of collaboration aligns with your organization’s strategic objectives. We believe it holds significant value, and we would love to discuss how it may address your specific needs. 

However, we remain committed to truly understanding our clients’ unique requirements, so we can deliver unparalleled service. As a result, we are limiting this offer to a select few organizations. Once we have met the needs of these organizations, the offer will be concluded. 

Since there is a high demand for this type of service, we invite you to schedule a preliminary consultation at your earliest convenience. This will help you determine if this engagement model aligns seamlessly with your needs.


This service is available to customers of Hicron Australia Pty Ltd and limited in availability. Suitability of this offer will be carefully assessed in consultation with each customer. Should the offer be deemed unsuitable, we will respectfully explore alternative recommendations.

First step

Let us offer a preliminary consultation with our SAP Blackbelt at no obligation to you. Based on that consultation, we will be able to advise more closely on how Hicron may potentially address your unique requirements.

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