Accounting with the FI reference document

Accounting with the FI reference document
Improve the creation of accounting documents and gain greater control over the execution and reporting of financial operations. Generating FI documents using a template or the reverse accounting function will help you with this. How to do that? The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.


How can I create an FI document from a reference document or using reverse posting?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the FBR2 transaction:

Then type in:

  • Reference Document Number
  • Company Code
  • Fiscal Year

and press Enter:

At this stage you can also choose a few helpful options, including a very useful one – Generate reverse posting (thanks to this option you can easily generate an opposite posting).

2. After completing the selected fields, you will see a section where you can edit most of the header parameters. Confirm your changes by pressing Enter.

3. You will then be moved to the Recipient Positions section, where you can edit the items visible on the invoice.

4. The processing of the new document looks the same as accounting with the FB01 transaction.

SAP Knowledge Base at hand!

This article is only a small portion of knowledge on how to use SAP software in your daily tasks. Hicron SAP AMS Clients are granted full access to similar guidelines… accompanied by professional SAP Application Support Services. Ask for an offer!

We hope our tips have made your task easier and helped you create an FI document from a template or using the reverse accounting function. However, if you still have any doubts about this or other processes related to the use of SAP, we encourage you to contact a Hicron consultant, who will help you achieve greater efficiency in working with the system and master its numerous functions.

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