Checking the incompleteness report in the sales order

Checking the incompleteness report in the sales order<br />
In the SAP system, a document that lists missing or incorrect information in a sales order is called the incompletion log. It indicates items that need to be added or corrected. Document verification is extremely important for order completion and data completeness in the sales process. How to do it? Read our guide for the answer.


Verification that the document is correct.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the VA01/VA02 transaction and after entering the data, select Edit→ Incompletion Log:

2. The system will perform a check and return a result:

3. Then you should write the missing data and click on the icon:

4. If you correct the data, the system will display a message.

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Do you already know how to check the incompletion log in a sales order in SAP? It is just a few simple steps. Checking the log is a way to minimize the risk of errors and improve the sales process. Do you have any doubts about the above instructions? Or maybe you have a problem with some other aspect of using the system? Use the help of our specialists. We guarantee that you will receive support tailored to your needs.

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