Fast employee search in trasaction PA30 or PA20

Fast employee search in trasaction PA30 or PA20<br />
Transactions PA30 and PA20 are key components of SAP HR (Human Resources), facilitating swift and effortless management of employee information. They allow you to search, update, and view employee data. How can you find an employee in a PA30 or PA20 transaction? Read the straightforward instructions below to find out. Use these tips to increase the productivity of your HR department and ensure quick access to the information you need.


How can I quickly and easily find an employee in a PA30 / PA20 transaction?

Step-by-step guide

In the PA30 or PA20 transaction enter the equal sign  =  in the Personnel no. field and enter the last name or part of the last name of the employee you want to search for and press Enter:

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As you can see, the PA30 and PA20 transactions provide instant access to employee data and allow for quick updates when needed. It’s an extremely simple method for handling your company’s employee information. Leverage this functionality to increase the efficiency of your work. If you need more help navigating SAP’s many features, our consultants are ready to help. Contact us to get answers to your questions and optimize your operations in the system.

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