How do i change font size in the SAP window?

How do i change font size in the SAP window?
Do you want to increase the efficiency of your work in SAP? Perhaps changing the font size will make it easier for you to use the system and improve your reading and writing comfort. Adjust the font size to your needs and change the appearance of the text in the window. Below you will find detailed instructions that will guide you through this process step by step. Follow these tips to work more efficiently.


How to change font size in the SAP window?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the SAP start screen.

2. Press Alt+F12 or pick the Customize local layout icon from the SAP Toolbar.

3. Select Options from the available menu.

4. A new window will appear. On its left side you can see a tree. Select the Visual Design → Font settings.

5. Click on the Select button.

6. In the new window, set the screen font parameters (type, style, size).

7. Confirm the font parameters with OK. The window with the font parameters will be closed.

8. Confirm the change by clicking on the Apply button.

When you open a new SAP window, the system will use the font with the indicated parameters.

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