How do i change the display color in SAP?

Distinguishing between production and test systems
How do i change the display color in SAP?
Colors affect our perception, cognitive processes, and behavior. To improve your comfort and efficiency, you can customize the background color of your test and production system. This step will also make it easier for you to distinguish between the two systems and avoid confusion when using both at the same time. How to change colors in SAP? See the instructions below for a clear answer.


How can I change the background color of the test system and the production system?

Step-by-step guide

1. Pick the Customize local layout icon from the Toolbar:

sap color change

2. Press Options:

3. Then choose: Visual Desing → Color Settings → Colors in Settings and choose the colors for the system.

4. You can change colors separately for the client or for the entire system.

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As you can see, changing the background color in production and test systems will not be a challenge for you, and can significantly facilitate your work with SAP, minimizing the risk of entering incorrect data. Do you still have questions? Take advantage of the support of a Hicron consultant, who will help you increase the efficiency of your work with the system and use the available SAP functions for this purpose.

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