How do I reset/unlock my SAP password?

How do I reset/unlock my SAP password?
If you lose your password, you will not be able to access your SAP account and use the system’s numerous features. What can you do to get it back? How to reset your password? The instructions below will guide you through this process step by step. Follow the instructions to change your password and use the system again to improve and automate your work.


How to change or reset the SAP password?

Step by step – SAP tutorial

1. In the SU01 transaction:

  • enter in the User field the name of the user whom you want to change or restart the SAP password
  • press the icon

sap password reset

2. If a window with the names of many systems appears, select the system on which you want to change your password.

To change the password on multiple systems at the same time, select systems with the left ALT key pressed on the keyboard.

The system on which the password will be changed will be highlighted in blue:

3. After selecting the right system, you can enter a new password for the user and confirm the action with the green button

4. The change of the password will be confirmed by the information that will appear in the lower left corner of the screen:

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Do you already know how to recover your SAP password? We hope our tips were helpful and allowed you to use the system again. However, if following the instructions did not solve the problem and you still cannot access your account, please contact our technical support. A Hicron consultant will be glad to answer all your questions and share their experience with you. Contact us for professional assistance.

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