How to add a printer to SAP?

How to add a printer to SAP?
Although integrating a printer with the system may seem daunting, it actually requires just a few simple steps. With our instructions, you will add the device to SAP in no time, ensuring that you can use it for your work. You will need information on the type, class, and model of your printer, so make sure you have it at hand before you proceed. Let’s get started!


How to add an SAP system printer?

Step-by-step SAP instructions

1. Enter the code T-SPAD.

2. On the Administration screen, click Display on output devices.

3. This will display a list of all output devices configured in the SAP system.

4. Click Create to add a new printer.

5. Fill in all required fields and select the appropriate printer type.

6. On the device attributes screen, enter:

  •       name of the output device,
  •       device type,
  •       device class,
  •       printer model and location.

7. On the Access Method screen, select Host Spool Access Method and Host Printer.

8. In Host Printer you can include the default printer of the device the user logged on with by typing “__DEFAULT”.

9. Check or uncheck “No device selection at frontend” as required.

10. Click Save to save your settings.

SAP Knowledge Base at hand!

This article is only a small portion of knowledge on how to use SAP software in your daily tasks. Hicron SAP AMS Clients are granted full access to similar guidelines… accompanied by professional SAP Application Support Services. Ask for an offer!

You are already familiar with configuring the SAP system. Adding a printer only takes a few clicks! Read our manual to efficiently manage your company’s printing devices. With the provided tips, you will surely handle it without any difficulty. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our consultant for professional support on operating SAP and making the most of its numerous features.

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