How to fix Runtime error generated while working with SAP?

How to fix Runtime error generated while working with SAP?
The “Runtime” system error message when working in SAP does not have to be a cause for concern. You can easily solve the problem by following the instructions below. You will learn not only how to restore the smooth operation of the system, but also what caused the error. This will enable you to use SAP more effectively in the future and help you avoid stress.


Why did I get a runtime error while working with SAP?

Step-by-step guide

Error description

  • Load program class mismatch error is generated when program version has been changed while working with SAP.
  • This means that the transaction has been modified during work in a given transaction  – mostly it happens when code changes are transported to LIVE system during business hours with users working on various transactions.


  • Try to start the transaction again after a short period of time.
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