How to print an invoice?

How to print an invoice?
Printing an invoice is an important part of the sales process. Do you know how to do it in SAP? Refer to the following manual for guidance. The tips provided here will make your task easier, outlining which transactions to use and highlighting key considerations before creating an invoice. Learn how to print a sales document and follow the step-by-step instruction.


How to print an invoice in the SAP system?

Step-by-step SAP instructions

Before creating an invoice (VF01) and printing it (VF03), check that the sales order (proforma) created contains all the required data.

This data will appear on the invoice printout and it will not be possible to correct it.

The sales order is displayed using transaction VA03. Changes to the sales order are made using transaction VA02.

Invoice printing

1. After creating an invoice (VF01), we proceed to transaction VF03.

2. Enter the invoice number and then click Billing Document → Issue Output To.

3. After clicking the symbol, the “Print” window will appear. Take extra care at this stage to ensure that the invoice is printed correctly.

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You now know how to print an invoice from SAP. The process requires checking the correctness of the data beforehand but is not complicated and will not take much of your time. Do you need more support with using the system’s numerous functionalities? Our consultants offer professional assistance. Simply reach out to take advantage of their expertise.

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