I can't log in to SAP

SU01 transaction
 I can't log in to SAP
Having trouble logging in to SAP? We will help you solve this problem. Find out the possible causes of complications and eliminate them. Use the instructions below, which include possible scenarios for removing the obstacle. Check which one applies to your situation. Follow these simple tips to get back to using the system and working efficiently.


Why can’t I log in to the SAP system? What is the reason for the failed login?

If you have permissions for SU01 transaction, you can check what is the reason for the unsuccessful login.

Step-by-step guide

In the SU01 transaction:

1. Enter the name of the user who cannot log into the SAP system in the User field.

2. Press the glasses icon to go to the details of that user:

Possible causes of failure login

1. Blocked user – check if there is a padlock icon the Logon Data tab:

2. Invalid password – chcek the password status in the Logon Data tab. If it is invalid, this information will appear: Productive / Initial password has expired:

3. Invalid user – in the Logon Data tabcheck if the validity dates of the user in the fields valid from and valid to match:

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