My user has expired

I cannot log in to SAP
My user has expired
Problems with logging in to SAP can be caused by, among others, the expiration of a user account. How to remove this obstacle and regain access to the system? Below you will find detailed instructions with valuable tips that will enable you to use the numerous functions of SAP again. Please read them to continue your work and learn how to deal with similar situations in the future.


How can I renew my user in SAP?

Step-by-step guide

1. In the SU01 transaction:

Enter in the User field the name of the user whose validity you want to renew.

Press the pencil iconĀ .

2. In the Logon Data tab, in the Valid through field, enter a new date by which the user is to be active.

You can also set the date from which you want the user be valid by setting the right date in the field Valid from.

3. Confirm the changes by pressing the floppy disk icon .

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