SD pricing

SD pricing
SD pricing conditions are an important element of pricing policy management in the SAP system, and at the same time a basic element of the so-called pricing procedures that determine the final price of a product or service. Irregularities in their calculation cause significant difficulties in price configuration. What to do when an SD pricing condition is not calculated or the amount is incorrect? We prepared clear instructions that will help you solve the problem.


Why SD pricing is missing or is incorrectly calculated?

Step-by-step guide

1. Display a document using a standard t-code (ex. VA03, VF03).

2. Pick an item and click on the Item Pricing icon:

3. Click on the Analysis button:

4. Click on desired pricing conditions on the left panel.

5. System will display all of the parameters used for condition calculation.

6. Check which access sequence has been used and click on it on the left panel:

7. System displays all values used for calculation:

8. You may also find that the condition was entered manually. The system also informs you about it:

9. If the condition could not be set we will be able to check why (e.g. missing entry in pricing or incomplete master data):

SAP Knowledge Base at hand!

This article is only a small portion of knowledge on how to use SAP software in your daily tasks. Hicron SAP AMS Clients are granted full access to similar guidelines… accompanied by professional SAP Application Support Services. Ask for an offer!

We hope that our tips were helpful and that you were able to eliminate any problems with incorrect calculation of SD pricing conditions. However, if you still have doubts about SAP pricing or its other functions, please contact our consultant. You will get answers to all your questions and increase the efficiency of your work with the system.

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