What modules are in SAP?

What modules are in SAP?
The modular structure of SAP allows you to adapt the system to the needs of your organization. The modules are designed to address specific aspects of a company’s operations, such as human resources, financials, or logistics processes. What modules are in SAP? You will find them all below. For convenience, they have been grouped into appropriate categories. Which ones will work in your organization to improve workflow and reduce business-related costs?
SAP Logistics and Production

SAP Logistics and Production

  • SAP MM (Materials Management)
  • SAP PP (Production Planning and Control)
  • SAP PP – MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) (Advanced Planner & Optimizer – APO)
  • SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • SAP QM (Quality Management)
  • SAP LO (Logistics General)
  • SAP LE (Logistics Execution)
  • SAP PLM (Product Life Cycle Management)
  • SAP TM – Transport Management System
  • SAP YL – Yard Management System

SAP Finance (FI)

  • SAP FI-GL (General Ledger Accounting)
  • SAP FI-AP (Accounts Payable)
  • SAP FI-AR (Accounts Receivable)
  • SAP FI-BL (Bank Accounting)
  • SAP FI-AA (Asset Accounting)
  • SAP FI-CA: (Contract Accounting)
  • SAP FI-LC (Legal Consolidation)
  • SAP FI-SL: (Special Purpose Ledger)
  • SAP FI-TV: (Travel Management)

SAP Controlling (CO)

  • SAP CO-OM (Overhead Cost Management)
  • SAP CO-PC (Product Costing)
  • SAP CO-OM-CEL (Cost Element Ledger)
  • SAP CO-OM-CCA (Cost Center Accounting)
  • SAP CO-OM-OPA (Overhead Orders and Projects Accounting)
  • SAP CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)
  • SAP EC-PCA (Enterprise Controlling, Profit Center Accounting)
  • SAP EC-CS (Enterprise Controlling, Consolidation System)

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • SAP PA (Personnel Management)
  • SAP PT (Personnel Time Management) (Workforce Management – WFM)
  • SAP PY (Payroll)
  • SAP PE (Training and Event Management)
  • SAP PD (Personnel Development)
  • SAP CP (Cost Planning)

SAP Sales

  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
  • SAP CS (Customer Service)
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As you can see, the number of modules in the SAP system is considerable. The purpose is to adapt it to the business structure of a given company and meet its needs. To learn more about it, contact your Hicron consultant. Our specialist will inform you about the functions, applications, and benefits associated with the implementation of individual modules and will help you choose the optimal solutions for your company. Feel free to contact us.

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