Where to find the SAP number?

Where to find the SAP number?
Each item in the SAP system has a unique number that identifies it. This makes it easier to find codes and transactions. However, new users may have difficulty finding the number they need at first. Where can you find it? Read the instructions below to find the answer to this question.


How to find a number in the SAP system?

Step by step instructions

Transaction SU01D in SAP, it is used in the SAP BC-SEC (Security in Basis) component, which is part of the BC (BASIS) module.

SU01D is the transaction code used to display a user in SAP.

1. Transaction SU01D

2. We can search for a user’s SAP number using various criteria.

For example, if we only know the last name of a particular user, we can go to the search by address tab and find the SAP number in the “Last Name” field.

The system will display information about the SAP number, which can be checked in detail by double-clicking on it.

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Do you already know where to find your SAP number? With clear and simple directions, you were certainly able to find it. Now you can identify a code or transaction, as well as track and search for specific items in the system. If you want to learn more about SAP numbers or other aspects of the platform’s operation, you can contact a Hicron consultant who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

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