When looking for a new IT provider, find... a business partner: part 2

Price, experience and technical support
Searching for a new IT services provider can result not only from the need for a new IT system. Sometimes it is nevessary to change a subcontractor, an already existing solution can need development or maintenance and technical support. How to find a new provider and cooperate successfully for year? Hicron has prepared a few useful hints.

IT service provider – what experience?

Each sector has a set of typical conditions that are absent from other branches of business. The collaboration of the IT service provider with customers from the same sector may increase the efficiency of the final solution and make it better meet the company’s business requirements. However, the provider’s experience and its employees’ experience in the sector are often two different things. For instance, if a system for a financial sector business is to be implemented, the ideal implementation team will consist of consultants who have some experience of working in finance, since they will present a unique feel and skills.

However, if not all of the consultants have such experience, one should not rule them out. They are often specialists who can use analogous experiences from other sectors, e.g. a similar optimization process will be necessary for cutting the largest number of pieces from fabrics (for clothes), from steel (for cars) and from wood (for furniture).

When choosing a IT service provider, the customer should ask many questions. The most important one related to the competences of the consultants to be assigned to the project. Have there been similar projects in the past? If the provider has not implemented similar projects in the past, one should ask if there is a knowledge transfer methodology for internal training. One should not hesitate to ask about meeting the team, since it is best to know people before starting work with them, – says Michał Guzek from Hicron. – The attendance of consultants/experts is a good sign. They do not take active part in the project, but they provide their extensive knowledge and experience during the implementation, – he adds.

An IT partner should also be also to present a detailed case study of at least one software implementation for the offered solution along with a detailed description of the entire project. References from customers are valuable, since they confirm competence within the given areas.

But also what technical support is offered?

To receive the best IT support after the implementation, one should analyse the provider’s tender in this respect. Based on the terms and conditions of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), one can define the response time, the form of support, and the method for reporting and removing problems.

It is therefore worthwhile looking closer at the provider’s technical support structure. A separate support department provides the customer with ongoing access to a team of qualified consultants, including (if possible) an account manager assigned directly to the project and assisting in the entire process of problem reporting and solving. Some providers invite potential customers for a reference visit where they can see the team at work.

A support consultant is required to have a perfect knowledge of the system along with its functions and modules as well as the configuration implemented for the given customer. However, that is not all. Service requests are strictly related to business processes in the company; if they do not know the specific solutions, the support department would need a long time to solve the problem and sometimes it would even be impossible, –  says Agnieszka Werbińska, Application Services Manager at Hicron. – The consultants must also know foreign languages to an extent that enables fluent communication with customers from other countries, – adds A. Werbińska.

When changing IT partner, one should consider if the new company offers a methodology for taking over the technical support from the previous provider. It is also necessary to test the service request application: its interface, functions and capabilities for integration with existing solutions.

The price is important, but not all-important

Last but definitely not least: the price. If one of the offers has a considerably lower price, one should check that the lower price does not mean lower quality. Starting a collaboration only based on lower costs may drastically increase the costs in the future due to the recurring inability to extend the project’s scope without additional costs. For this reason, it is important to look closely at the operations and competences of the potential IT service provider.

As the Polish IT integrator, we successfully compete with foreign companies by gaining contracts in Germany or the Netherlands. Polish professionals are perceived as highly qualified experts with minds open to new solutions. Our advantage is often not the competitive price, since there are many companies offering lower prices, e.g. in the Czech Republic, Spain or India. We win new projects through our flexible and customer-oriented approach. The point of reference is, of course, the budget, but the customer purchases the service and high quality which, in the longer run, will be the less expensive option, since the total cost of ownership will be lower.
Michał Guzek
Michał Guzek
from Hicron

The opinion about the company is to a large extent created by its consultants. Highly qualified specialists increase the project price, but they also guarantee a job well done. Check on us In addition to the already mentioned references from customers, we may also ask for CVs of consultants assigned to the project to verify their competences. The implementation and maintenance of an enterprise management system is always a challenge both for the provider and for the customer. For this reason, when choosing an IT partner, one should choose wisely.

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