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The KPMG Poland report "CX, the main goal of business transformation" 2020 shows that there is a very strong relationship between Customer Experience and Employee Experience. The report proves that market leaders perform well in both of these areas. Are the current trends reflected in the SAP portfolio?

How customer ecperience influences customer engagement

In the world of B2B and B2C, there has always been talked of evaluating the active use of websites. We measure this commitment by the time spent on the website and the frequency of visits or activities carried out on it. For this reason, the website design itself went towards meeting the needs and expectations of the end-user, so that he would like to visit it. Why? The consumer appreciates convenient online solutions. His presence is monetized and translates into profit – says Szymon Włochowicz, COO Hicron. His words are confirmed by the KPMG report. Our trust in digital brands is growing. Among the highest rated brands, as many as 13% of them are only available online.

Customer Experience is based on the Six Pillars: Credibility, Problem Solving, Expectations, Empathy, Personalization, Time, and Effort. The last of them received the highest rating from consumers in the research. That means that it is extremely important for them to use the service quickly. As smoothly and conveniently as possible. At the same time, Personalization has become the star among the Pillars. Researchers predict that its role will additionally increase with the popularization of the hyper-personalization trend.

Employee engagement – SAP Customer Experience

SAP decided to take advantage of Customer Experience trends. They transfer them to the world of internal processes. It is about building internal company websites which will be so attractive and helpful that employees would decide to visit them regularly. For this to happen, the website must be aesthetic, intuitive, and time-saving – comments Włochowicz. – Personalized homepages for users will be the innovation. They will allow for quick insight into all undertaken activities in the form of a dashboard: processes, projects, and company information – he adds.

As you can see, all the most important guidelines mentioned in the KPMG report are also reflected in the possibilities offered by SAP Cloud Platform. While using the platform, it is possible to create advanced web tools. Additionally, SAP Cloud Platform has an extensive integration part. Thanks to that, it is possible to combine various tools in one place. After all, the employee should receive information through the prism of the processes for which he is responsible and in which he participates – not through the prism of a given system. Creating an integrated solution to observe the various stages of the process may convince employees to use dashboards.

At Hicron, we follow modern trends. We care not only for their functionality but also for the way they are implemented. That is why our frequent practice is to design mock-ups of the system in parallel with its functional specification. We strive to ensure that the employee wants to use the solutions offered.
Szymon Włochowicz
Szymon Włochowicz

The latest research proves that business begins to understand that. The willingness of employees to use a website dedicated to them is a tangible benefit for the entire company. Employee Experience support is worth starting when designing the internal website, taking care of using employees’ experiences, managing their talents, and strengthening their position as well as providing effective help in working with the client. Customer Experience in SAP provides such opportunities. At Hicron we know how to use them!

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