SAP system audit

SAP system audit
An SAP audit is a way to learn to what extent companies make use of the SAP system capabilities, to what extent the system meets their expectations, whether the system is compatible with the business processes and what kind of organizational changes, workshops or system extensions are recommended in order for the system to fully meet demands.

An audit of SAP solutions is recommended for all companies which:

  1. Have recently implemented the SAP system and, due to lack of experience or sufficient knowledge, are often forced to use the support of external service providers to solve their problems. 
  2. Are thinking about developing the implemented system and want to prepare themselves for the decision. 
  3. After a few years of using the system, want to learn to what extent the system meets their needs. With time, the key users will be able to assess the system’s potential to support the business operations more pragmatically.

Therefore, each company is recommended, from time to time, to look at the SAP system “from outside” and confront it with their actual needs. An audit conducted by an independent, third-party company in close cooperation with the key users offers such an opportunity.

An SAP system audit helps to discover the untapped potential in every company and plan development work needed to unlock that potential. Hicron Consulting experts conducting SAP audits additionally offer business advice during the modeling of the company’s business processes.

Benefits of the SAP system audit

The outcomes of each audit offer strong foundations for unlocking the hidden potential both of the SAP system and the company itself, and facilitate future growth. The benefits which a company may achieve thanks to a review of the implemented SAP system include:

  • Identification and elimination of constraints during system operation (frequently leading to the occurrence of system errors) 
  • A complete picture of the extent to which the existing functionalities are used, as the basis for potential decisions to implement new functionalities 
  • Identification of the potential training needs and designing training programs which meet the specific demands of the company
  • Verification of the employed procedures, assumptions and business objectives of the company incorporated in the system 
  • Identification of the company’s business areas which are not supported by the system, to unlock the frozen potential of the company

The findings of the audit are collected and benchmarked against the good business practices of SAP and compared with the functional capabilities of the system. In this way, development work on the SAP system can be planned to ensure more effective support of the key processes and, consequently, a better return on investment of SAP. The audit report is a collection of valuable and precise guidelines concerning the future actions of the audited company.

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