We are leading the way, and we have the evidence to prove it

We are leading the way, and we have the evidence to prove it
SAP has once again appreciated the work of our team by automatically awarding us the Partner Center of Expertise certificate. This trust was primarily influenced by the high quality and efficiency of our client service and the development of our consultants’ skills.

First line for Clients

Obtaining the SAP PCoE certificate by Hicron means that we can continue to operate under the SAP banner. Our Clients have access to the first and second line of contact when they experience problems with their system or need to extend its functionality. They can also be sure that they will be served in the best possible way. This is a much more flexible model than a direct contract with the German distributor. The support of a partner allows for much better, more direct contact and more effective resolution of any problems that may arise.

Depending on the complexity of the issue, as a partner to our clients, we are ready for a 1:1 session to look at the problem from their perspective and provide a solution as quickly as possible – says Pawełkiewicz, SAP SME Team Leader.

Gold for the bold

The Maintenance teams, i.e. BASIS and Application Service Support, are constantly working toward the PCoE certification, as partners are evaluated on a quarterly basis. The highest scores mean that after verification, the certificate is renewed without having to go through the entire audit procedure. And this is what happened this time as well.

The primary measure is the performance of the 1st and 2nd support lines, which assist in resolving issues reported by clients. Almost all of them were processed without further escalation to the development team on the SAP side. If this were to happen, it would mean an error in the SAP standard. Our actions help maintain the speed and guarantee the quality of the work done. The quarterly assessment also includes the number of consultants, their certified skills, how they handle requests, and whether the organization meets the criteria for working with SAP.

The trust of the world’s largest ERP software provider means that our specialists can also be trusted by Clients. Their knowledge, skills, and tools are in no way inferior to the head office – says Kamil Suszko, SAP BASIS Manager.



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