Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. W.L.L. is one of the world’s largest independent distributors of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. It offers short and long-term car rental as well as purchases and sells new and used cars. AAB’s range of services also includes the sale of auto parts. The company employs approximately 3200 people.
Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros

Implementation and development of Dealer Business Management 8.0


first SAP DBM 8.0 implementation in the world

SAP DBM implementation

Due to the large scale of operations, the company decided to implement the Dealer Management System solution, which, in combination with SAP ERP, was to support the most important processes for the automotive industry – for example, purchase planning and a full cycle of maintenance or warranty services. The implementation of the project enabled AAB to use all system functionalities in real time through a single integrated platform.  

the first implementation of SAP DBM 8.0 in the world
awards in SAP Quality Awards competition in category Business Transofrmation (MENA, EMEA)

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Award-winning SAP DBM project
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The aim of the project was to support sales management in the client’s company. It was quite a challenge due to the wide range of services offered by AAB. The implementation and configuration of Dealer Management System 8.0 with such a large functional scale is a great achievement – Hicron conducted the first project of this type in the world and the third when it comes to implementing this version of the solution. 

Business areas:

  • sale of two brands of vehicles: Toyota and Lexus
  • short- and long-term car rental
  • purchase and sale of used cars
  • sale of car parts and consumables

Solution advantages

SAP Dealer Business Management is a solution created for dealers and importers to streamline the entire process of car distribution as much as possible. The platform allows you to handle sales and cross- or upselling processes, maintenance and warranty services, as well as contact management. SAP DBM enables the management of multiple brands, which is why it perfectly suited the client’s needs. 

Another significant advantage of the solution are functionalities that facilitate the management of multiple brands. What is more, the solution can be integrated with an SAP ERP system, which gives you access to all the necessary data from the application level. At the same time, such integration makes all information in SAP DBM up-to-date and consistent with the actual circumstances. 


The implementation of sales support in the form of Dealer Management System and SAP DBM allowed AAB to achieve numerous benefits. We managed to significantly reduce the time of customer service – shortening the waiting time for service to three minutes from the previous twenty and the length of the entire service process from one hour and twenty minutes to ten-fifteen minutes. 

The SAP Quality Award competition is held every year. Its goal is to select and appreciate innovation leaders who use digital transformation to improve the quality of relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers, and thus succeed in today’s profoundly information-driven market.
Frank Forndron
Customer Office for SAP MENA and Quality Management for SAP Emerging Markets

The new solutions helped accelerate key processes in the company. Among other things, they made it possible to generate and print sales documents directly from the system, which reduced the time needed to fulfill documentation requirements. In addition, all functionalities of the implemented solutions are available from one platform, which facilitates everyday work. The introduction of an integrated vehicle rental system allowed the company to better control all processes related to car rental services.  

Award-winning project

The project for AAB was a great success for both the client and Hicron. In the SAP Quality Award 2015/2016 competition, it was awarded: 

  • first place in the Business Transformation category for the SAP MENA region 
  • third place in the Business Transformation category for the EMEA region

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