HICRON Dealer Portal on SAP Fiori

Hicron Dealer Portal is a Fiori-based solution compatible with SAP S/4 HANA that provides support in the area of data management between automotive partners in a form of a web platform.

About a solution

HICRON Dealer Portal on SAP Fiori is a totally innovative solution created for the Automotive industry. Thanks to Hicron Dealer Portal, the functionalities of Vehicle Management System and Warranty Claim Processing can be managed via latest Fiori UX, using mobile devices. It is a SAP Fiori based solution, which means it can be treated as the first step towards conversion to SAP S/4 HANA in the area of automotive solutions.

Solution is meant to be used as both:

  • Dealer Portal – dealers are able to easily access and manage required S/4HANA real-time data in defined and limited scope, controlled and secure manner via dedicated Hicron Automotive apps
  • Main entry point for backend users, where all S/4HANA components and processes can be managed, benefiting from enhanced user experience
  • Selected VMS apps: Vehicle Inventory Pipeline, Vehicle Manager (Vehicle: Search, Overview, Details and Action execution), Vehicle Variant Configurator and more
  • Selected WTY apps: Vehicle Search with Create Claim functionality, Claim Worklist (status tracking, claim processing)
  • Real-time integration with backend SAP VMS & SAP WTY solution
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What is Dealer Portal in SAP?

Dealer Portal is an innovative solution designed for the automotive industry, constituting a basic tool for communication between dealers and importers. Among other things, it provides access to the functionality of SAP Vehicle Management System (VMS) and Warranty Claim Processing (SAP WTY – Warranty) with both desktop and mobile versions. The Dealer Portal solution prepared by Hicron, through the use of SAP Fiori, may be the first step in the conversion to S/4HANA.

For what companies

Hicron Dealer Portal can be used in two ways: 

  •  by car dealers and importers – as Dealer Portal providing access to data from SAP S/4 HANA via the Hicron Automotive application; 
  •  by backend employees (e.g. accounting departments) – as an intuitive space for managing S/4 HANA components and processes. 

The solution provides access to SAP Automotive applications on all devices, including mobile. The great advantage of the tool is its simple, intuitive interface that streamlines and facilitates everyday work. 

Solution features

The Hicron Dealer Portal solution lets you use SAP Automotive applications with a transparent, intuitive interface.  

Selected available VMS apps
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  • Vehicle Inventory Pipeline,  
  • Vehicle Manager: (Search, Overview, Details and Action execution),  
  • Vehicle Variant Configurator.
 Selected available WTY apps:
  • Vehicle Search with Create Claim functionality,  
  • Claim Worklist (status tracking, claim processing). 

Solution benefits

More efficient and enjoyable work
Hicron Dealer Portal significantly speeds up and streamlines the performance of tasks. Users receive notifications concerning events that require their attention as soon as they occur.
Process integration
The solution enables integration with SAP VMS and SAP WTY backend solutions in real time. This enables access to many systems from the level of a single tool.
SAP Recognized Expertise in Automotive
We are experts in solutions for the automotive industry. All the tools we offer our clients are designed to meet the needs of car importers and dealers.
Flexible contract terms
In today’s reality flexibility is one of the most important features of cooperation between companies. In order to fully match the needs of our clients, we offer three contract variants.

Cooperation models

We make sure that cooperation models with our clients meet their needs related to project timeline, budgeting methods and scheduling. We offer three variants of cooperation: 

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

Case study

SAP Dealer Portal implementation

The main business goals defined by the company prior to its cooperation with Hicron focused on production and sales process improvement. Pronar decided to implement the SAP Dealer Portal and Product Catalog solutions, which facilitated the realization of the aforementioned business goals.

We wanted to enable dealers, based on their own needs, to monitor warehouse stocks themselves and to view parts’ availability on the go, as well as to order using VIN numbers in the search catalogue. Cooperation with Hicron went very smoothly, and all components of the implementation were delivered on time. Here, the skills and experience of Hicron consultants could not be underestimated.

Piotr Kazberuk
IT Manager Pronar

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