Sharp – a global technological giant with over a century of tradition and experience in all areas of product development and design. Sharp’s vision is: “Changing the world with 8K+5G and AIoT”. To make this vision a reality, Sharp is leveraging – in an integrated manner – the brand’s three main business areas: Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem, and ICT. SmartHome or smart business solutions are developed to improve the quality of life and increase productivity.

Conversion to S/4HANA and rollout


Technical conversion maintaining the functionalities of the old system and implementing those critical for S4.

Although the basic support time for SAP ERP systems has been extended by the producer to 2027, the reality is that the fourth industrial revolution and the associated technological requirements are forcing entrepreneurs to act. In order to remain competitive, you have to keep up with the ongoing changes. In addition, the amount of data and the complexity of systems are increasing with each passing day, so delaying their transfer means greater consumption of both financial and time resources.

SAP ERP support ends

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Conversion to S/4HANA and rollout
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The future has arrived today

As a supplier of innovative technologies, Sharp is well aware of the pace of today’s world and has long been taking steps to maintain its place at the forefront. The infrastructure of the original ECC system has been consistently transferred to the HANA environment. The management of Sharp Consumer Electronics Poland, which also manages units in Slovakia, Germany, and other European countries, decided to convert SAP ECC to S/4HANA.

Due to the fruitful long-term cooperation and trust, the task of transferring the functionalities from the old system and implementing those critical for S4 was entrusted to Hicron. The strong BASIS team also proved to be an additional advantage that influenced the choice of the supplier.

Like clockwork

The main tasks of our consultants included adapting the Fiori application and “cleaning up the system”. Removal of redundant, unused, or obsolete features and extensions improved performance in all areas.

A very important part of the project was to adapt the code of all the applications used to make them work in the S/4HANA environment.

Since, at the client’s request, the project was to be implemented during the financial year, conversion time played a key role. It also involved minimizing interruptions in system operation and transferring open orders.

Thanks to smooth cooperation on the client’s side and the tremendous work of the consultants, the most optimistic deadline was achieved.

Quick effects

The following modules have been moved to the S/4HANA environment:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Production
  • MM
  • Controlling

Their integration and the introduction of new functionalities have greatly facilitated analytics, increased efficiency, and simplified internal processes. A modern system prepared in this way is ready to face the challenges of modern business and provides a basis for further company development.

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