Time is money in SAP RE-FX

Time is money in SAP RE-FX

development of dedicated SAP RE-FX functionality for the Swiss market


setting up mass QR codes in SAP RE-FX

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Swiss legislation requires QR codes to be assigned to properties to simplify the related accounting processes, such as rent payments. With the information in the system, you can quickly complete transactions, review their details, and easily match properties with a specific business partner.

In SAP RE-FX, we define the terms of the property-related contract, specifying the payment date, amount, calculation from a given period, unit price, periodicity, or one-time occurrence. On this basis, financial flows with the business partner are simulated, and each of these flows is linked to an invoice and a QR code, which facilitates the management of items related to the supplier and the payment itself. Due to the large number of properties owned by the administrative authorities of the canton, it was necessary to enter them into the SAP system each time using a hand-held reader.

Every year, the process of scanning nearly 800 pages of codes was repeated because even if a lease was extended, the information had to be re-entered – says Aleksandra Lorek, SAP FICO Consultant at Hicron.

The basic SAP module covered this type of transaction, but it could not handle the volume of requests. Thanks to Hicron’s proprietary modification, there is no need to scan the same codes every year. Once an IBAN number is entered, the rest of the information is taken from the data already stored in the system. If there is a previously scanned QR code that the user entered and saved, it will be automatically extended. In addition, the program will reassign the QR code to the financial flow, if the previous one has expired as a result of changes in the contract and, consequently, a different payment amount.

Now, with the ability to map multiple items at once, you can do it all with a single click. Dozens of hours of work turn into a few minutes – the consultant adds.

Time to complete the task before implementation: up to 40 hours

Time after implementing the functionality: a few minutes



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