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Solution description

Hicron S@les Platform is a proprietary solution created for manufacturers and importers in the automotive industry. The platform is also intended for automotive Customers. It is used to sell vehicles through a modern online channel. It allows you to reach a wider audience, virtually without any limitations related to location or time zone.

Hicron S@les Platform works well in both the agency sales model and the “direct” model. It will help you discover the sales potential that comes from direct contact with the end Customer and improve the effectiveness of marketing activities available online. The tool prepared by Hicron also shortens the purchase path, making it easier for the buyer to make a decision and complete the order directly through the manufacturer’s or importer’s website. However, if a customer wants to arrange a test drive before purchasing, this is also possible online. You can then save the configured vehicle and return to the purchase path at any time and from any location.

How Hicron S@les Platform works?

The main purpose of the tool is to facilitate the process of purchasing and personalizing a vehicle, and thus the sales process on the part of an intermediary or a manufacturer/importer. Our solution comprehensively supports manufacturers and their Customers. It allows you to create a website that offers online sales of vehicle models configured according to the buyer’s preferences. It streamlines the entire purchasing process, which can be performed directly through the manufacturer’s original store, without intermediaries.

From the technological point of view, Hicron S@les Platform is designed to be easily integrated with a company’s ERP system (in this case SAP). Orders placed through the store can be transported to the system in real time. By merging the spaces of these two tools, the company can immediately start fulfilling the order. In addition, integration with ERP allows Customers to always see the current price of the vehicles on offer.

Moreover, a company implementing our solution gains the ability to plan, execute, and automate marketing and sales campaigns for all or selected groups of recipients. All this thanks to the possibility of integration with a CRM system or other digital marketing platforms. It provides not only the Customer data necessary to complete an order, but also anonymized information about the needs and buying tendencies of Customers. It is sent between these three environments to better target promotional content to potential buyers. Our solution provides companies with a platform that allows them to present their sales offer to their Customers in the most attractive way. It is an easy-to-use tool that ensures convenient navigation and efficient search and configuration of the vehicle the buyer is looking for. It allows you to shorten the purchase path and turn it into a pleasant and engaging experience, all thanks to smooth and simple navigation based on effective UX practices.

The process of integrating an ERP system with Hicron S@les Platform is secure and performed by qualified experts.

Hicron S@les Platform is designed based on the Adobe Commerce/Magento engine. We are a partner of the vendor and have developed our solution according to their best practices. A major advantage of this technology is its ability to integrate with any front-end technology or other platform, thanks to the “headless” technology concept.

The tool can also act as a virtual sales representative – available to the buyer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Who is this solution for?

Our demo solution was prepared for automotive companies. However, it will work in any other industry that deals with product configuration by the customer, for example: distributors (importers) of vehicles, trailers, boats, parts, machines, furniture, and other products where the manufacturer gives the Customer the opportunity to choose a “ready-made” product or configure it according to their preferences. This allows the buyer to determine the appearance and functionality of the final product. With this tool, you can offer your Customers exactly the products that meet all their needs.

What business model will work for this solution?

From a business perspective, the solution can support any business model – B2B, B2C, or a combination of both: B2B2C.

What industry needs does this tool address?

It meets the needs of any industry, including those that specialize in producing a customizable product.

What types of companies can benefit from it?

  • car manufacturers,
  • car importers – solution implemented centrally on the internal network,
  • car distributors – implementation for their own needs/for the needs of their dealers,
  • dealer groups – implementation in showrooms, including those offering vehicles of various brands.

However, the flexibility and customizability of the tool means that our platform can also be used by other companies – in any industry – that want to offer buyers the option of product personalization.

Therefore, the recipients of this solution may also include:

  • furniture manufacturers,
  • machine sellers,
  • all companies producing and selling personalized products.

Which departments can Hicron S@les Platform support?


Departments responsible for sales and/or products
Storing and transmitting Customer data to departments involved in the order fulfillment process.
Departments responsible for logistics
Acceleration of order fulfillment.
Departments responsible for order fulfillment
Faster acquisition of information on order details and its delivery to the Customer; secure integration of the platform with a CRM system, which is responsible for transferring Customer data necessary for order fulfillment.
Departments responsible for marketing
Supporting the creation of a good image of the seller with a tool that streamlines the entire car buying process.

Hicron S@les Platform support scope

  • independent sales channel or omnichannel,
  • intuitive vehicle configurator,
  • current product price list,
  • Customer information center for order status available online 24 hours a day,
  • medium for contact with a sales assistant at any time and place,
  • portal for managing Customers directly from the manufacturer/importer level.

Hicron S@les Platform technology

Adobe Commerce/Magento is the engine of the sales platform. Thanks to the “headless” approach adopted, the solution can be integrated with any platform using a Rest API.

This provides the following development opportunities:

  • integration with any ERP system,
  • integration with other e-commerce systems, depending on the scale of the solution; for example – integration with other systems, such as PIM, other Adobe solutions such as Adobe Experience Cloud,
  • use of any front-end technology; depending on your needs, PWA (Progressive Web Application) technologies are also available,
  • creating a custom store design,
  • integration with native applications,
  • omnichannel integration (online and offline channels),
  • use of online (or multi-channel) analytics.

As part of the Hicron S@les Platform solution, we provide the following processes and functionalities:

Customer View:

  • model selection and product configuration,
  • selection of additional products (e.g. additional equipment packages),
  • price display,
  • payments.

Can be extended with (among others):

  • choice of vehicle financing (loan, leasing),
  • arranging a test drive,
  • trade-in.

Customer panel:

  • access to saved vehicle configurations,
  • overview of orders and their status,
  • order editing,
  • sales documents,
  • contact with a sales assistant 24 hours a day.

Administrator panel:

  • configuration of one or more stores (for the multi-store option),
  • access to product/asset data.

Sales assistant panel:

  • fulfillment status tracking and order management,
  • communication with the Customer.

Integration with SAP ERP/CRM in the scope of:

  • product master data management,
  • Customer master data,
  • warehouse inventory management (stock),
  • product price management,
  • order fulfillment.

Possibility to extend the integration by, among others:

  • integration with modules that support sales and marketing activities, such as: Customer satisfaction surveys, chats and chatbots, AI; content creation activities, store personalization (Adobe Sensei), product recommendations, dynamic product pricing, and others;
  • Magento: the Adobe Marketplace provides the necessary updates and security standards; modules allow you to easily develop and scale your e-commerce solution; examples of such modules include payment gateways or shipping methods that work best in a particular country.

Benefits of implementing Hicron S@les Platform

The Hicron S@les Platform solution is, above all, an excellent platform for contact between the manufacturer/importer and the Customer. It guarantees the security and convenience of purchasing a vehicle that perfectly meets the buyer’s expectations. In addition, it has all the advantages of direct sales and offers a ready-made integration concept with an ERP system.

The main benefits of implementing Hicron S@les Platform include:

  • leveraging the potential of online sales as a primary or secondary sales channel,
  • possibility of acquiring new Customers,
  • availability (24/7),
  • tool personalization,
  • using the platform to develop effective marketing activities; leveraging its reach,
  • lower maintenance costs compared to a standard store, especially when starting a business through online channels,
  • ability to scale the business,
  • automation – automated order processing and fulfillment,
  • creating a platform to communicate with Customers,
  • lower cost of bringing new ideas to market (testing),
  • easy integration with the back office, simplification of processes, reduction of traditional documentation, reduction of email correspondence and phone communication – the teams responsible for maintaining the platform have more time and space to provide comprehensive Customer service.

Types of implementation contracts

We have made sure that our contract proposals allow us to adapt the terms of cooperation to the constantly changing reality. At Hicron, we provide SAP Security support in the form of three selectable contracts.

We propose the following options:

girl in the car

Time & Material

city traffic

Fixed Price

Team Extension

Why Hicron?

At Hicron, e-commerce projects are managed by an experienced, expert e-commerce consulting team. We work around the world for companies of all sizes and industries. We help Clients through change by transforming their systems, processes, teams, and technologies to meet their needs. This results in the implementation of innovative solutions and improved business efficiency and effectiveness.

Hicron’s e-commerce consulting team helps Clients build a coherent vision of their business development. Through our work and the tools we develop, we help them effectively sell their products through online channels.

Hicron S@les Platform was created to meet the needs of Clients who are looking for an e-commerce platform that comprehensively meets the needs of buyers, car manufacturers and importers, but also other companies. Contact our consultants and start working with a team of experts who will create a virtual sales platform tailored to your business!

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