Implementation of Jira and other Atlassian products

Atlassian’s product suite will streamline your company’s operations and address its business needs. Implementing it together with Hicron is focused on specific results and enables quick return on investment.
Implementation of Jira and other Atlassian products

About the solution

Atlassian products (Confluence, Jira Service Management, and Add-On MarketPlace) are multi-functional, high-performance, ergonomic tools to support daily teamwork. These systems have an intuitive interface and are simple to use for both IT teams and target users. Their configuration is flexible, which allows them to be adapted to individual business needs and, at the same time, remain cost-effective to implement and maintain.

We offer the implementation of the following software:

  • Jira Software – brings out the potential of highly dynamic teams by increasing work transparency, accelerating information flow, and facilitating project management.
  • Jira Service Desk – allows you to plan, monitor, and deliver world-class software for handling processes at the point of contact with internal and external clients
  • Confluence – remote workspace that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Implementation of Atlassian products with a focus on business goals

At Hicron we realize that software implementation is not just about installation and updates, which is why our offer includes:

  • installation of standard solutions
  • solution consulting and business needs analysis
  • configuration of tools for specific business processes
  • solution personalization through development adjusted to the needs of the organization
  • selection and implementation of add-ons to support users
  • professional consultancy for system operation
  • comprehensive implementation project management with elements of organizational change management based on our best practices

Jira implementation stage

The implementation of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence systems and applications with Hicron is always a two-stage process.


Stage 1 – Pre-implementation analysis

In-depth analysis gives us an insight into the tasks to be supported by the Atlassian products. In this phase, we ask a number of questions that the Client should answer before choosing the software, including:

  • which company processes need to be streamlined and what functionalities will best optimize them?
  • what challenges do the employees face and what resources (plug-ins) can support them?
  • what basic requirements should the system meet and within what timeframe should it be implemented?

Answering the above questions will allow us to prepare a report with conclusions on how to choose the right software to meet the company’s strategic goals. The pre-implementation analysis is supervised by a Solution Architect, in cooperation with IT and a developer. Such a team allows us to create forward-looking, strongly technology-based solutions with awareness of their limitations. Together they create a report containing:

  • evaluation of the support process and identification of weaknesses
  • concept of system operation and the method of its implementation prepared in cooperation with the client
  • selection of add-ons and functionalities (plug-ins)
  • selection of the system hosting type (Cloud/Data Center) and pricing
  • division into standard and out-of-the-box configuration
  • preparation of a preliminary project schedule


Stage II – Implementation

Implementation is always carried out on the basis of the prepared analysis report and prior arrangements with the client in the form of an agreement and pricing. Hicron’s business partners know the exact schedule and cost of implementing Atlassian products, along with the underlying rationale.

Proper implementation of Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Software requires prior preparation of the work environment, both on the part of employees, equipment, and the solutions themselves. The implementation may consist of various stages, and its duration depends on the Client’s needs.

At Hicron, the implementation of Atlassian products means not only the implementation and configuration of the system, but also the selection of add-ons. We take initiative, proposing future-oriented solutions tailored to specific needs. We make sure that the implementation takes place without disrupting work in the company, and we protect the working environment against any possible problems.

Our offer also includes a training proposal, since well-prepared users are a prerequisite for successful implementation. We provide an effective on-boarding process in which employees become familiar with all the functionalities of the new work environment.

At every stage of implementation, we pay special attention to the security of our clients. We are ISO27001 and TISAX certified to prove our competence in this area.

Benefits of implementing Jira

The implementation of Atlassian products enables better flow of information in the company, increases employee productivity, and reduces process turnaround time, thus increasing business efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Jira Service Desk supports client communication through various channels. It enables e-mail confirmation of requests and telephone contact with the agent handling a given event. The client can track the currently used services and request progress with the help of a portal operated from any web browser. This portal improves the quality of service by tracking requests in real time. The Jira Service Desk interface can be fully customized to meet the needs of the team, offering, for example, the ability to add custom fields to forms or to hide them, set priorities, and assign them to specific employees.

Atlassian products can be adapted to the Client’s needs in the visual layer. They have the option, for example, to change the name of the portal or the logo in the header panel, thus remaining consistent with the brand identity.

The implementation of Atlassian software in a company may also lead to the elimination of repetitive activities and automation of certain processes, e.g. configuration of request templates or creation of process patterns (workflow). On the other hand, the combination of Jira and Confluence leads to the creation of a knowledge base, in which the Client can independently search for answers to the most frequently asked questions, without waiting for a support staff member to respond.

Partnership with Atlassian

At Hicron, we approach Atlassian projects with diligence, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and innovation. This is supported not only by our experience, passion, and expert staff, but also by the Atlassian Solution Partner status of our company, Hicron Australia PTY LTD. This is a title that our specialists have worked hard to achieve, enabling them to acquire and deliver specialist knowledge as well as prepare tailor-made solutions and services for our clients. All Atlassian projects and implementations at Hicron meet the software producer’s quality standards. We provide implementation services for these systems in Australia, Poland, and around the world.

Free consultation

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Let’s discuss which tools align with the unique characteristics of your company and whether introducing new solutions is currently necessary for your organization. During a free consultation, one of our experts will explore this topic with you and then within 2 days* you will receive an analysis from us specifying the suggested tools.
This will spare you the time typically required for market research and learning about the functionality of tools. It will also provide a thorough comparison of the tools, facilitating the selection of the one that meets all your business requirements.

Who is the consultation for?

We have introduced this service for companies with at least 20 employees which are continuously growing or need new solutions to streamline their day-to-day operations.

How do I prepare my company for the consultation?

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to provide you with the necessary instructions and suggest a suitable date.

How is the consultation held?

The consultation will be conducted online.

*2 days: this is the time we usually take to prepare the analysis, but particularly demanding studies may require more time.

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Why cooperate with Hicron?

From analysis to implementation
Hicron’s team of experts analyzes your company’s business challenges and then proposes the most effective solutions. We are future-oriented and always close to the Client’s business goals.
Hicorn experts
Our teams include experienced experts with a wide range of competencies. We hold a number of certificates confirming our expertise in the field of project management and data security.
16 years of experience
We have been supporting medium and large enterprises in digital transformation for 16 years. We share our knowledge and experience with our clients, offering software not only to meet the current needs, but also to support further development of the company.
Comprehensive approach
We offer not only the implementation of Atlassian products, but also their full integration, migration to Cloud, and sale of licenses. Hicron’s team of experienced experts also provides system maintenance and development in the selected service variant.

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