Integration and migration – Jira and other Atlassian products

We are experts in business IT solutions. With our specialists, you can safely migrate Jira to Cloud and integrate Atlassian products to support your company even more effectively.
Integration and migration – Jira and other Atlassian products

About the solution

We offer comprehensive service for Atlassian products. We not only implement software and take care of its maintenance, but also support clients in the process of migration to the cloud and integration with other tools.

Atlassian migration

We will help you migrate Jira from the server version to Cloud or data center, taking into account availability, costs, and the capabilities and functioning of your organization. Choose migration with Hicron if you need:

  • professional consultancy on data migration to Cloud
  • support in recommending the best migration path
  • preparation of a detailed migration schedule
  • comprehensive and secure migration of IT environment built with Atlassian products to the cloud
  • post-migration support

We ensure constant contact with our experts at every stage of migration. They will advise which variant and hosting will work best for your business, and then oversee the implementation of the arrangements made.

Atlassian integration

Atlassian products offer tremendous opportunities for integration that will streamline and accelerate work within and across teams. We perform system integrations:

  • Jira-Jira integrations
  • integration with external ticketing systems
  • integrations with the use of available add-ons
  • integration with the delivery of dedicated external services
  • one-way or two-way integrations

A well-executed integration lets you achieve even better results. Atlassian products (including Jira) work well with each other, but also with external tools. They are flexible and can be freely expanded according to the needs of your organization, gaining additional functions and automation to reduce time and operate more efficiently.

Migration of Atlassian products to Cloud or Data Center

Atlassian announced the end of support for Jira Server in February 2024, so it is worth considering migrating Jira to a different type of hosting now. Our team of experts will select the best solution for your organization.

Migration to Data Center

Migration to Jira Data Center is a solution recommended for large enterprises where teams have multiple members and work on complex projects. It is also the best solution for unique or complex operational requirements, ensuring full on-premise data security. Atlassian Data Center applications meet the most stringent organizational requirements and allow full control over data, security, and performance.

Benefits resulting from migrating to Jira Data Center:

  • ability to self-host your infrastructure, guaranteeing full independence
  • meets the expectations of larger companies and supports complex business processes
  • no user limit
  • greater control over the data stored in the Atlassian system; it is not transferred to an external entity
  • ability to manage a Jira instance on your own
  • independent management of add-ons and versions of the Atlassian system, enabling full adaptation to the growing needs and expectations of the organization

Take advantage of our experience to make sure your migration goes smoothly and without downtime.

Migration to Cloud

Migrating to the Atlassian cloud has its benefits:

  • does not require installing products and maintaining them on your own server, which reduces the load on your own IT infrastructure
  • lower initial cost and lower maintenance costs as you do not have to worry about administration, hosting, and infrastructure as well as purchasing physical hardware
  • full mobility and ability to work remotely
  • instant access to new features
  • flexible subscription model
  • ability to use the software quickly

We focus on making the migration as secure as possible and without disruptions to the organization. Before starting the migration, we make sure that all the add-ons used are available in the cloud version, so that users can access all previous functionalities after the migration. If any extensions are not possible in the cloud version, we recommend replacements. We also perform separate backups for each application to ensure the security of the Client’s data.

Take advantage of our experience to make sure your migration goes smoothly and without downtime.

Migration stages

When you decide to migrate Jira (or other Atlassian products) with a certified team of experts, you do not have to worry about downtime, loss of data and information, or errors hindering the functioning of the company. The stages and their course are set individually with the Client, taking into account the possible challenges, budget, and implementation time.


Before starting the work, we analyze the existing infrastructure, verify the version of the existing system, and update it if necessary. We check the implemented extensions and security features. We also evaluate the performance of the current installation. On this basis, we collect project requirements and choose the target solution, and then set a work schedule.


We create a backup of data and configuration, and then we can migrate to a test or target version. Before moving the system to the production version, we check the operation of applications: workflow, event configuration, functionalities, load, and performance. After implementation, the company can operate in the selected environment (server, Jira cloud, or Data Center versions).


Once the migration is complete, Jira once again verifies that applications are working correctly. We also provide support for end-users, so that when unforeseen problems arise, they can easily contact specialists. We also offer optional training services. We adjust their scope to the needs of administrators and end-users.


Reduce the time your team spends managing their work so that they can devote it to implementing interesting projects and creating innovative software. Atlassian products can be adapted to your company’s project methodology.

Atlassian cooperates with major technology companies (including Slack, Mircosoft, or Google) and offers over 3000 integrations, so users do not have to give up familiar and proven tools.

Benefits of integration

Below you will find examples of integrations and their benefits.

Jira Software Cloud + Slack/Teams

  • improved communication
  • better management of information scattered between users, allowing you to focus on completing tasks
  • provides access to extensive notifications with key data
  • ability to connect events with Jira and subscribe to them
  • faster searching for requests and greater transparency
  • sending daily notifications or messages when a high-priority event is created

Jira Software + Confluence

  • full transparency between events tracked in Jira and content on Confluence, e.g. reports
  • one source of information for software documentation
  • templates for e.g. notes or requirements allow you to speed up your work
  • monitoring progress on an ongoing basis or using a static change log
  • schedules that automatically inform interested parties of project progress

Jira + Outlook

  • creating new requests in the Jira system via Outlook
  • performing operations on requests from the Outlook level
  • quick access to information

Jira + Jira

  • two separate ticketing systems for the contractor and the ordering party, on which they can operate independently – integration between them ensures up-to-date and continuous information
  • current information on the progress of task completion
  • automation of requests
  • high level of customer service and faster communication

Partnership with Atlassian

At Hicron, we approach Atlassian projects with diligence, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and innovation. This is supported not only by our experience, passion, and expert staff, but also by the Atlassian Solution Partner status of our company, Hicron Australia PTY LTD. This is a title that our specialists have worked hard to achieve, enabling them to acquire and deliver specialist knowledge as well as prepare tailor-made solutions and services for our clients. All Atlassian projects and implementations at Hicron meet the software producer’s quality standards. We provide implementation services for these systems in Australia, Poland, and around the world.

Free consultation

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Let’s discuss which tools align with the unique characteristics of your company and whether introducing new solutions is currently necessary for your organization. During a free consultation, one of our experts will explore this topic with you and then within 2 days* you will receive an analysis from us specifying the suggested tools.
This will spare you the time typically required for market research and learning about the functionality of tools. It will also provide a thorough comparison of the tools, facilitating the selection of the one that meets all your business requirements.

Who is the consultation for?

We have introduced this service for companies with at least 20 employees which are continuously growing or need new solutions to streamline their day-to-day operations.

How do I prepare my company for the consultation?

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to provide you with the necessary instructions and suggest a suitable date.

How is the consultation held?

The consultation will be conducted online.

*2 days: this is the time we usually take to prepare the analysis, but particularly demanding studies may require more time.

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Why cooperate with Hicron?

Personalized solutions
We start our cooperation by analyzing your needs and checking the existing installation as well as the technical and business requirements of your organization, so that the solution we propose fully meets the goals and fits into the operation of the company.
Trusted Advisor
We act as an advisor for our Clients, not just a software supplier. 16 years of experience in the IT industry allowed us to learn specific business processes and develop optimal solutions. Understanding the market needs has been in our DNA from the very beginning.
Business knowledge
We have implemented IT projects on almost every continent. We have international experience in numerous industries, including telecommunications, automotive, cosmetic, or medical.
Flexible collaboration
The type and scope of cooperation are established in accordance with the specific business goals of the Client. We set the terms individually, so the agreement is tailored to the needs of your company and the way it operates. We have experience in projects carried out 100% remotely, but we also provide on-site services.

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