SAP BASIS - System administration

SAP BASIS is more than just constant care of your company’s systems. It is also about introducing modifications that go beyond the SAP Maintenance contract as well as making changes at the client’s request. As a result, the system can operate continuously and better respond to the needs of the company. 
SAP BASIS - System administration

SAP administrators and their role in your company  

What is the job of an SAP administrator? Their task is to maintain and support an implemented SAP system. They guarantee the security of the data stored in the system and the continuity of business processes.  

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Ensuring continuous SAP system availability and immediate support in the event of a failure – these are the SAP system administration tasks performed by the BASIS team. SAP BASIS administrators take full responsibility for system maintenance and, thanks to Hicron’s proprietary tools, can constantly monitor their security and performance.  

The most important success indicator for an SAP BASIS team is high system availability. Since even a short downtime can generate huge costs for business, the support of administrators is invaluable.  

Apart from SAP BASIS, Hicron also offers an SAP Application Management Services (AMS) and SAP Maintenance contracts in the Standard Support and Enterprise Support variants. 

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SAP BASIS services at Hicron

Our standard SAP system management offer includes:  

  • constant technical supervision over SAP environment, including infrastructure, databases, and operating systems
  • preparation of plans: contingency plan, disaster recovery plan, business continuity plan, plans containing procedures in case of a critical failure or negative, unexpected events
  • 24/7 SAP system monitoring thanks to the HSMT tool
  • maintenance of technical system documentation

Additionally, within SAP Administration services we offer:

SAP migrations and upgrades 
If your company is planning to move to a higher version of one of SAP solutions (technological update) or migrate to newer platforms (for example to the SAP HANA database) or new hardware environments, the SAP BASIS administrators from Hicron will efficiently and safely take your systems through the entire process.  
Data Loss, Disaster Recovery
In the event of physical data loss, the SAP administrator will reconstruct the systems. We also perform restoration from a backup version. Additionally, we regularly plan and supervise system copies.  
Optimization management
In addition to maintaining SAP systems and resolving incidents, we also constantly increase system efficiency. We carry out analyses and, on their basis, implement optimizations that improve software operation.
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Authorization management
We support users by managing and granting authorizations as well as authorizing access to SAP ERP and other SAP solutions. In this way, we ensure the company’s compliance with data security rules and prevent the risk of information leaks.  

SAP Basis Packages

SAP BASIS administration services at Hicron are available in three packages:

Platinum Package – contains over 80 predefined administration tasks. Prepared for companies that entrust Hicron with full responsibility for system administration.  

Gold Package – includes over 60 administrative activities. Dedicated to companies with a permanent internal SAP team. In this package, Hicron’s role is to complement the competences of existing IT/BASIS resources in your organization.  

Flex package – in this package, the number of activities and the scope of support is determined individually, in accordance with the client’s needs.  

If you do not know which variant will best suit your business, contact us! Our consultants will present the areas supported under these packages and answer all related doubts.  

How we work

Request handling system
All Hicron’s clients have access to a ticket system – Hicron Service Desk. These platforms allow SAP system users to easily report problems and contact consultants. In addition, the platforms allow you to check the status of a given request, contract terms, remaining available contract budget, and other elements related to a contract at any time.  
24/7 monitoring
The best way to solve a problem as quickly as possible is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Guided by this philosophy, we designed our own Hicron System Monitoring Tool (HSMT). Its task is to constantly monitor the operating parameters of SAP systems and quickly report all abnormalities.  Such proactive control allows us to react to the first signs of error long before it affects the operation of the system.
Service Desk
First-line client support employees play a much greater role at Hicron than just accepting requests. Thanks to their extensive competences and libraries of errors developed by experts, the Service Desk not only verifies the reported incidents, but also solves those that do not require specialist support. In addition, the consultants deal with, among others, the monitoring of data chains on BW systems, iDoc flows and interfaces, handling current documents in SAP (Workflow), or creating reports and statistics for clients regarding their requests and work progress. The Service Desk support is invaluable for your system.   Thanks to our solutions, many problems are effectively resolved at the stage of reporting. For your business, this means getting your system back to working condition as quickly as possible.  
SDE and dedicated team
As part of their contract, every client receives the support of a dedicated BASIS Contract Supervisor, who serves as the first point of contact in this area. The client can also choose to be supported by a Service Delivery Executive (SDE). SDE is a dedicated supervisor and a point of contact for all matters related to system administration.  Clients’ systems differ from each other in terms of modules and integrated solutions. The role of the SDE is to build an SAP BASIS team including individuals with all the competences required to support a specific company.   Thanks to the excellent knowledge of both the client’s solutions and the team’s competences, the SDE assigns tasks to selected experts and personally verifies their implementation. This significantly speeds up work and, more importantly – transfers management entirely from the client to Hicron specialists.  

Why Hicron

ITIL best practices 
We operate in accordance with the international standard Information Technology Infrastructure Library.  
The highest security standard
Confirmed by the ISO 27001 and TISAX certificates. 
Contract flexibility
The terms of our solution maintenance agreements and SLA levels are determined individually with each client to make sure that the company receives exactly the type of support it needs.  
High availability of maintenance consultants
Hicron’s work organization guarantees the constant availability of administrators providing SAP BASIS services. 

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Put your SAP system support in the hands of specialists!

If you are interested in the details of our offer or have any additional questions, please send us your contact information. Our consultant will contact you and clear all your doubts.  
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