SAP Hi!Security Services

SAP Hi!Security Services is Hicron's proprietary solution designed to secure SAP systems and applications. It provides protection against cyber attacks, data theft, and delivers required enhancements and updates.
SAP Hi!Security Services

What are SAP Hi!Security Services?

SAP Hi!Security Services encompass activities, practices, strategies, and tools designed to secure SAP systems and applications. This includes ensuring the protection of processes and data stored in software repositories. As part of these services, at Hicron we offer our Clients a guarantee of regular system maintenance and improvement, also with a focus on security audits. We conduct thorough examinations to identify any gaps in security or authorizations. If the form, quality, or quantity of the security measures is found to be lacking, Hicron’s SAP Security team will offer recommendations of appropriate solutions or trusted partners. Our services extend not only to the latest SAP S/4HANA software but also ECC, including both its cloud and on-premise versions.

Why is the security of SAP systems so important?

For a long time, the security of SAP systems often received insufficient attention, even in companies which generally exercise appropriate diligence to protect their overall infrastructure. In most cases, this was not due to deliberate neglect but rather to budget cuts at the expense of security unregulated by legal standards. However, the security of these systems, which often store and process key business data, is becoming increasingly important to not only their manufacturers but also their users. Adhering to proper procedures, implementing application extensions, and conducting maintenance activities ensure the continued efficiency and functionality of the software, preventing the leakage or even theft of critical data.

In an era of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, organizations need to consider potential internal threats as carefully as external ones. The geopolitical situation has spurred companies to take extra precautions. Security challenges are a common concern for both small businesses and multinational organizations; therefore, SAP is actively working to address customer expectations in this domain.

Security areas within SAP Security Services

The SAP Security Services strategy encompasses the following areas:

Identity and Access Management

Enables the unambiguous identification of users and control of the access granted to them.

Data Security

Involves encrypting information and files and protecting them from unauthorized access.

Application Security

Relates to SAP applications and includes measures such as patch and update oversight, source code protection, and authorization optimization.

Monitoring and Auditing

Enables the supervision of user activity in the company’s SAP system; relevant tools include activity and event logs, auditing strategies, tracking, and activity analysis performed on the basis of the above to identify possible threats.

Infrastructure Security

Encompasses tools that protect the SAP infrastructure itself, including its architecture and hardware.

Access Risk Management

Provides the ability to identify, assess, and eliminate risks by implementing appropriate control mechanisms for managing users and their authorizations.

The scope of Hicron’s services in the area of SAP Security Services:

We provide our Clients with expert knowledge, implementations, and advice in the following areas:

Users & Authorizations

  • SAP identity management and authorization concepts: analyzing the requirements and recommending approaches tailored to the needs of particular customers or industries.
  • Authorization design and configuration: developing role restrictions to meet identified requirements, based on experience and system analysis.
  • Authorizations for business users, support teams, and technical users: developing and implementing an authorization matrix governing access to system operations (BASIS) and support activities throughout the SAP environment.
  • Troubleshooting missing authorizations: analyzing logs to diagnose and resolve authorization errors.
  • Adjusting the authorization system during SAP upgrades and other remediation activities: comparing and adjusting roles across systems, restoring inheritance relationships.

Products and technologies:

CUA; IdM; AD; UME; HR; IAS; BTP; Azure.

Secure SAP

Ensuring the security of the SAP environment is a top priority. This task includes the following activities:

  • configuring secure connections to/from SAP systems,
  • configuring and analyzing audits,
  • managing the implementation process of SAP security notes,
  • analyzing and configuring SAP security policies.


SAP Gateway ACL; Message Server security, SNC and SSL; SAP Web Dispatcher, SAProuter; Single Sign-On.


Ensuring process compliance and protecting data by managing access risk involves the following tasks:

  • implementing ITGC processes in relation to SAP systems,
  • access risk analysis: Sensitive Access and Segregation of Duties,
  • identifying access risks related to BASIS features,
  • analyzing backend and FIORI transaction and application usage logs,
  • implementing mechanisms for auditing data read activities,
  • managing personal data consents,
  • deleting expired data,
  • privileged access management.


Access Risk Analysis; Firefighter / Emergency Access Management; Compliant User & Role Management; Access Risk Review; Information Management.


SUIM Critical Authorizations; SAP GRC, IAG, SAST, and others; Security Audit Log; UI Masking and UI Logging; Read Access Logging; Consent Management; ILM.

Remote Access

This area focuses on ensuring secure access to SAP systems. Related services include:

  • analysis and design of mobile access architecture,
  • frontend/backend separation to improve security,
  • Single Sign-On to multiple systems,
  • SAP BTP or Azure as a secure gateway to Fiori applications,
  • multifactor authentication.


Logon Tickets; X.509; Kerberos/SPNego; SAML; MFA.


SAP Secure Login; ADFS; SAP BTP; Azure App Proxy; OpenSSO; SAP Cloud IAS.

Why should you choose to work with Hicron?

SAP systems are our specialty. With over seventeen years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of our Clients’ needs, enabling us to tailor solutions to the specific structures of their businesses. Our specialists have developed flexible implementation strategies and applied them successfully in a wide range of industries.

Affordable pricing
We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our SAP Security Services without having to sign a contract for these tools with the manufacturer. By working with Hicron, your company can use our systems as part of the agreement, which significantly reduces the cost of performing security checks on SAP software.
You do not need to enter into a permanent partnership with us or be tied by long-term contracts and financial commitments. Hicron can support your company both on a permanent contract basis and on an ad hoc basis.
We care about security
As an SAP partner, we prioritize the security of these systems. Consequently, we are able to test the stability of BASIS settings. Using the segregation of duties matrix, we can examine user authorizations and maintain appropriate connections between them. We also guarantee an annual review of the security system settings.
Ongoing maintenance
We also perform system patches as needed by our Clients. When the situation requires it, or when users report specific needs, we introduce patches to the manufacturer’s systems and manage their installation on the Client’s system. Our specialists are trained to supplement the software and are familiar with the order in which these additions need to be installed.
We have carried out SAP Security Services implementation projects for a wide range of companies around the world in a variety of industries. Hicron is proud to have more than 16 years of experience in executing SAP projects for both global and local clients. We are trusted by organizations all over the world. As an SAP partner, we work according to the highest security standards and guarantee the highest quality of services.

Form of cooperation

We have made sure that our contract proposals allow us to adapt the terms of cooperation to the constantly changing reality. At Hicron, we provide SAP Security support through three types of contracts.

We offer the following contract options:

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Time & Material

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Fixed Price

Team Extension

Empower your business with a trusted ally – choose Hicron as your partner!

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