Missing entries in foreign trade data in an already posted invoice

Missing entries in foreign trade data in an already posted invoice
Ensuring the accuracy of the data included in invoices is crucial for the proper settlement of business transactions. However, what should you do if the document contains errors or the data is incomplete? Take advantage of our guidance. Read the instructions below to learn how to make corrections and complete the data in a posted document.


How can I enter the missing data? How can I correct wrong data?

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the VI14X transaction, enter the invoice number that needs to be corrected and click Enter:

2. Expand the Header or Item data depending which data we need to add or correct:

  • Header:

  • Item:

If all necessary data has been added or corrected you will see a green light on the header and item screen and you can now save the document:

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We hope you found our tips useful and were able to correct or complete the posted invoice. If you need assistance in other areas related to the operation of SAP, you can rely on the support of our specialists. Contact a Hicron consultant to get answers to your questions.

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