Business and technology trends for 2024

Is artificial intelligence going to buy your products?
Business and technology trends for 2024
The end of 2023 brought many changes and even more development in the world of technology and business. It is time to learn what opportunities and topics will drive enterprises in 2024!

The beginning of the year is a time for online speculation about the coming months. Which systems will revolutionize the market? What changes will they bring? In which direction will the most popular solutions evolve and what will Customers be interested in? To answer these questions, we turn to the Gartner report and analyze its findings.

AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM)

The security features necessary for the efficient operation of businesses and their systems should also be adapted to tools based on artificial intelligence. The number of such applications – and of their users – is constantly growing. It is therefore necessary to give them special attention and protection. TRiSM (Trust, Risk and Security Management) technology supports AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, transparency, and data protection. The authors of the report predict that by 2026, companies that implement such a strategy will be able to make more accurate decisions. All thanks to the elimination of 80% of faulty and illegitimate data, which can pose a serious risk to the operation of many companies.

AI TRiSM technology is becoming increasingly popular because, as the report shows, companies that actively use it can more effectively control the AI-based tools they are equipped with, their operations achieve higher business value, they are more consistent in their actions, and the models of their systems are more accurate. Companies using TRiSM are also able to ensure better and more secure control of new applications, as there is a risk that their users or administrators may have dishonest intentions toward many organizations. This technology also means that AI-based tools can be continuously monitored and tested without having to limit their functionality for the duration of the activities being performed.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

It is a strategy that views company security systems as a priority investment. The premise of CTEM is a preventive and systemic approach to the security of enterprise systems. It means constantly monitoring and improving cybersecurity practices and policies, and prioritizing their optimization.

This activity is attracting increasing interest for several reasons. It offers enterprises the ability to conduct exposure assessment cycles and align them to specific business projects. It also highlights areas of risk exposure where vulnerabilities have emerged. Then it assesses whether it is possible to remediate these deficiencies. Moreover, it predicts the perspective and actions of a potential attacker as well as aligns the security measures, exposure priorities, and testing to those threats. More efficient security procedures lead to better mobilization of the teams of employees involved in these areas. As a result, various areas of system security can be optimized, which means that threats occur less frequently. CTEM effectively prevents cyberattacks and provides organizations with preventive measures to protect their software.

Sustainable Technology

In modern organizations, no one needs to be convinced of the positive impact of sustainable development practices. Companies that implement them gain social trust as well as financial, technological, and professional support from institutions involved in these areas.

Adapting a company’s technological base to climate-friendly policies is becoming increasingly desirable and will become even more popular in this year. Modern environmental technology solutions help companies to prevent, mitigate, and adapt to risks in the natural world. It is also important to remember to support issues related to human and labor rights. These areas will be supported by social technologies that help companies and managers maintain comprehensive care of the people they employ. Actions that ensure the well-being and fulfillment of the needs of the teams employed ensure that companies operate more efficiently and strengthen their position on the market. Sustainable development is also associated with governance technologies that strengthen business conduct, oversight, and capacity building in these areas. The greatest benefit of implementing technology to support sustainable development in an organization is that it mobilizes teams to expand the knowledge necessary to improve its overall performance.

Platform Engineering

This concept refers to the creation of internal self-service platforms built by dedicated product teams made up of specialists in the field. Their task is to design, build, and maintain a platform that supports the needs of its users by interfacing with tools and processes.

Interest in these platforms is growing because they offer developers the ability to streamline and accelerate their work, thereby helping organizations achieve their business goals. They also reduce the cognitive load on these teams, increasing their productivity. These technologies also ensure the security and reliability of systems. They improve developers’ ability to independently run, manage, and develop applications. Companies that adopt these practices are able to ensure the loyalty and effective collaboration of key employees.

AI-Augmented Development

These practices involve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to help developers maintain, create, test, and deliver efficient and innovative applications to users.

Artificial intelligence is already supporting many areas of business operations. It accelerates the growth of development departments. It gives developers the tools to translate legacy application code that is not always understandable. In addition, AI-augmented tools can integrate with a development environment in which applications are created, which helps improve them. This technology also enables design-to-code transformation and enhances application testing capabilities. Thanks to these tools, development teams can work in a more efficient and organized way. They receive appropriate support in finding solutions and diagnosing problems. This improves the productivity of many individuals, but more importantly, the efficiency of the entire organization.

The most significant benefit of this trend is that it reduces the amount of time developers spend writing code. This allows development teams to focus on higher level activities, such as designing compelling business applications.

Industry Cloud Platforms

Integrating cloud environments is becoming increasingly common. Systems such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are combined into one platform to create a broad and complete product offering and more effectively execute business plans.

Gartner estimates that by 2027 more than 50% of enterprises will choose to use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business development.

This technology offers companies the ability to tailor integrated cloud tools to their needs. It provides the largest IT companies with the ability to connect these platforms in a way that makes them independent, allows for unlimited growth, and guarantees security in the event of global disruptions. ICPs also support companies in achieving their priorities, influencing other industry sectors. It enables the creation of a space that brings together and integrates the ecosystems of customers and business partners. This gives them an opportunity for joint and sustainable development.

Intelligent Applications

This is a continuation of the trend from previous years, but at a very accelerated and advanced level. More and more, consumer and business applications are being enhanced by AI that uses data collected from external sources to improve their operations, which means that enterprises can limit their need to hire companies providing market research services.

Generative artificial intelligence can further improve the effectiveness and predictive capabilities of applications. This increases the satisfaction of customers, users, product owners, architects, and developers. The feature of intelligent applications supported by AI that accelerates business development is definitely their ability to predict and analyze. These tools “learn” the operating patterns of users, making it easier to adapt to their preferences and anticipate their needs. This also enables faster and more accurate decisions related to various business areas.

Democratized Generative AI

Although this concept sounds complicated, it simply means that the average Internet user has greater access to tools that use generative artificial intelligence. The development and availability of these applications means that there will be more and more content, images, videos, and audio recordings created by different users. The authors of the Gartner report point out that this is one of the most disruptive trends of the decade. Unlimited access to tools that enable rapid and extensive content creation will allow companies to grow faster and reduce costs, such as those associated with applications previously required by their systems. It is important to remember, however, that the information obtained through AI-based applications should be verified. In addition, the generation of an unlimited number of files, materials, and content can saturate the Internet and make it difficult to find reliable sources. In addition, the democratization of this area can also change a broad set of roles and business functions.

However, it is also worth analyzing the benefits of this trend. Thanks to the availability of this type of applications, companies around the world have the opportunity to accelerate the automation of their processes, which increases their productivity and reduces operating costs. They also provide many users with new, often previously unavailable, capabilities. AI-enabled applications are also changing the nature of competition between companies, which is driving their development. It is also important that this direction of development of artificial intelligence provides its users with tools using natural language, which significantly accelerates their progress and contributes to the global growth of business.

Augmented Connected Workforce

The tendency to expand the competences of company employees is a trend that has already developed in previous years, but in 2024 it will be one of the leading ones. It assumes the use of intelligent technologies to improve the qualifications of teams, enhance workforce analytics, and create internal user networks between departments that support their activities. In addition, such activities also improve the development of employee talents within teams.

This strategy helps to reduce the onboarding time of new employees as well as the training of long-term ones. It also influences the development of the digital skills of people working in companies, which helps them grow faster. A workspace based on AI-powered tools and an integrated work environment will also help solve complex problems faster and automate the work of different departments within an organization.

Machine Customers

This trend uses virtual, non-human, digitally generated actors to play the roles of potential physical customers. This solution is expected to help replace regular shoppers. According to the authors of the Gartner report, by 2028 there will be 15 billion products on the market machine customers – performing purchases, transactions, and interactions instead of physical people. It is estimated that this future trend will generate trillions of dollars in global profits. At the same time, it will cause a market revolution that surpasses in scale the emergence of digital commerce. These changes are expected to occur by 2030.

What other trends will we see in 2024?

The next twelve months will bring many surprises and unexpected news. Many of the trends of recent years will continue. While some of the issues raised above may seem abstract, the revolution in the digital world taking place before our eyes means that the world of our imagination is slowly becoming a reality. More surprising trends for next year can be found here.

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