Power for Tech Heroes (“poMOC dla bohaTECHów”) – Hicron joins the Folding@Home campaign

Hicron supports an international project
Hicron is launching the “poMOC dla bohaTECHów” campaign and encourages others to join the challenge and support researchers working on understanding the coronavirus. A single breakthrough could help develop the right treatment and therapy.

Transfer your power!

Folding@Home is an international project that supports volunteer scientists simulating coronavirus protein dynamics on their own computers. For such complex research, however, you need appropriate hardware resources and huge computing power, which can be made available by each and every one of us.

As part of the project, iCEA Group initiated the campaign “Poland vs. COVID-19” and invited companies from the technology industry to support the scientists. Hicron provided the researchers with three servers. But that’s not all – the company invites its clients, associates, and partners to add power to the research and join the initiative!

Challenge for Tech Heroes

The rules are very simple:

  • join the campaign and give the scientists your computing power – technical details can be found here: https://www.grupa-icea.pl/koronawirus/
  • write a post on your profile informing about the action along with the hashtag #bohaTECHowie and nominate 3 more companies to the challenge and support scientists,
  • watch how our joint actions turn into real effects for researchers!

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