How will business change after COVID-19 – opinion of Michał Guzek, Hicron CEO

Many companies are emphasizing the need to switch to remote work during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, according to the CEO of Hicron, this is definitely not enough. Business must learn from the present circumstances and prepare both for the extension of the current situation and for the future.

Entrepreneurs should not focus only on adapting their companies to temporary remote work. It is much more important, according to Michał Guzek, Hicron CEO, to remodel business processes to enable uninterrupted delivery of services – no matter how long the current conditions persist. We should also look to the future: will our companies be ready for a possible recurrence of this situation?

So what can we change?

During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic it is necessary to adopt emergency variants for numerous processes – from interaction with clients and business partners to service provision and support for production and logistics. Fortunately, modern technologies – computerization of processes, robotization, and automation – enable us to be health-conscious and, at the same time, maintain business continuity.


IT leads the way in these changes, says Michał Guzek, especially in the context of solutions that can be implemented quickly, with immediate effect in the form of uninterrupted interactions and high quality service!


The expert commentary of Hicron CEO can be found on ITwiz.

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