Hicron Sp. z o.o. establishes a new company in Spain

As part of the implementation of the company’s strategic goals, Hicron Sp. z o.o. decided to establish a new company in the Spanish city of Malaga, in the Technology Park of Andalusia.

Hicron established a new company in Spain in response to the high demand for services related to the implementation and development of SAP management support systems and mobile applications for business. The experts employed at the Spanish company of Hicron will serve as an extension of the teams in Poland and other Hicron locations. They will join forces to work on international projects for the company’s clients.

In line with the company’s strategy, we operate globally, supporting our international clients in optimizing their business processes with the use of IT tools. In 2020 we started building a small team in Australia, and in 2021 we went a step further by implementing an investment in Malaga. Taking into account our development ambitions, the office in Malaga allows us to achieve our goals more effectively, efficiently responding to the needs of our clients.
Michal Guzek
Michal Guzek
Managing Partner
We perceive the opening of the Spanish office as a milestone in Hicron’s history. When selecting the location for this investment, we considered a number of criteria, such as a friendly and stable business support environment, potential access to talents, and undeniable attractiveness of the location for current and future employees. We wanted the country of choice to be a member of the European Union and to have good air connections with other countries. The location in Malaga is the perfect answer to all of these needs.
Szymon Wlochowicz
Szymon Wlochowicz
COO Hicron

Malaga is the economic center of Andalusia, and the entire region is one of the most dynamically developing in Spain. At the same time, it remains close to Poland in terms of law and business culture.

The opening of the company’s new location in Spain gives Hicron access to its market of IT experts, enriches the company’s organizational culture, and allows it to respond to the needs of Digital Nomadism – more and more people decide to work without specifying a permanent location. Modern technology provides such opportunities without compromising the quality of the services offered.

Hicron headquarters in Spain will be located in the Andalusia Technology Park. It is home to over 600 companies, including top international brands such as Huawei, Orange, Siemens, and Vodafone. Hicron is the first Polish company to invest in this facility.

Hicron in Spain
Source: www.pta.es
We were delighted to hear that a new Hicron office is being established in our Park. We are a group of about 20,000 individuals fascinated by innovation and technology, so we look forward to welcoming the specialists from Hicron to our facility.
Lourdes Cruz
Director of Business Development and Investment from the Technology Park of Andalusia

The first recruitments are currently underway, and the official opening of the office in the Park will take place at the beginning of 2022. The company has established contacts with local organizations and a university.

Until now, Hicron had three locations – in Poland, Switzerland, and Australia. The Spanish company will be its fourth one on the world map.

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