Security Policies at Hicron

In connection with the hostilities taking place in Ukraine, we are aware of the increased threat related to, among others, cyber-attacks and the availability of common infrastructure both in Europe and globally. The implications of such incidents may affect the stability and continuity of company operation.

Taking into account Hicron’s business and the activities we conduct on behalf of our Clients, we would like to emphasize our awareness of the responsibility we have for the continuity of the services provided and the level of security of access to the data processed at Hicron. Regardless of the situation in Eastern Europe, we assure you that our procedures, security policies, and threat monitoring systems are prepared to reduce any potential threats to Hicron and the companies we support.

Since last week, we have been working even harder than before to identify potential security risks, keeping an eye on the increased frequency of attacks across Europe. We introduced 24/7 on-call cyberspace monitoring and threat response teams. Additional emergency management teams were created to track and identify suspicious events in the Hicron application and network area, led by individuals authorized to make immediate decisions if potential threats are identified.

We emphasize that for many years Hicron’s core IT systems have been designed and developed in accordance with the current reliability and security trends, using diversified services, also geographically. We cooperate with alternative providers of accessibility services for the broadly understood ICT infrastructure. This diversification of service providers is also possible, among others, thanks to the international location of Hicron’s companies in three offices in Poland as well as in Australia and Spain. In the event of any potential difficulties, we are able to switch over key services, including those related to maintaining communication and access, in a fully secure and seamless manner, without any disruption to Hicron’s or Clients’ employees. Our approach to security is in line with the ISO27001 and TISAX standards throughout the organization, and all teams working at Hicron are aware of the security procedures in place.

Due to the possible increase in cyber-attacks, we suggest taking extra caution in relation to all received e-mails, short messages, and online activity. We also recommend that our Clients make sure that their teams responsible for IT security react to any incidents identified.

At the same time we would like to emphasize Hicron’s readiness to support our Clients in matters related to the security of data and IT infrastructure. Should the need arise, or should you have any questions about our security procedures, please contact your account manager at Hicron.

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