New Formula: Team Extension, or how to work with Hicron

Implementation is not only the end result but also a long-term project. The developed method of operation in it is extremely important. The better, more transparent, and flexible cooperation means more satisfied customers and fuller benefits of the new solution.

We took into account the comfort, demand, and expectations. At Hicron, we have developed a flexible and project-safe method of cooperation. It guarantees the expected shape of the solution. The formula works both from the perspective of the client and his implementation partner. The New Formula is a strong point and a unique aspect of cooperation, and – at the same time – Hicron’s competitive advantage over other companies. The proposed model perfectly combines with the slogan of ​​the company: VisiON Architect. SolutiON Maker. It is based on partnership, openness, and trust. What is the New Formula for cooperation and how does it differ from others?

Fixed Price and Time & Material – the proven formulas

Until now, the most popular cooperation options were those based on two formulas. The Fixed Price option was distinguished by the full responsibility of the partner (i.e. Hicron) for the project. Both parties contracted a closed range of services, and all changes required extra formalities. That resulted in the client’s lack of freedom in managing the course of the project, and at the same time – increased the financial and image risk.

The Time & Material option consisted in the mutual determination of the scope of the project. The most important factor influencing the decision on the project was the budget. Changes of the scope were possible only with the simultaneous acceptance of the budget correction. The partner’s responsibility was assigned to specific tasks.

Flexibility for the new times

One of the leading business technology trends listed in this year’s Gartner report is resilience delivery. This trend is about flexibility and the dynamic ability to adapt to a changing reality. It assumes readiness for changes and lack of rigid framework – difficult to move and complicated to transform. The New Formula meets the requirements imposed on global business by the year 2020.

In the Team Extension, it is the client who determines the purpose and scope of the project. The client, together with Hicron, completes the team working on a given project. He has the option of redirecting specific people to the implementation of tasks with a higher priority. Additionally, he can hand over more responsibility after verifying the quality of their competencies. If Hicron does not have specialists with the given competencies, the Client may freely acquire them on the market.

What are the benefits of the Team Extension?

The New Formula facilitates the implementation of large-scale projects, and – at the same time – minimizes the project risk. Cooperation with subcontractors takes place transparently towards the client. Thanks to it, the perceived successes contribute to a higher level of partner autonomy. In this way, step by step, mutual trust is built, which allows the partner to fulfill or take over the roles previously reserved for distant customer headquarters. Moreover, it helps to carry out tasks in business areas not related to the main scope of the project.

The Team Extension makes the competencies of specific people and entire teams stand out, as well as the full picture of cooperation recorded throughout the entire duration of the project. As a consequence, on the foundation of such a business relationship, after completing implementations, Hicron is often involved in the maintenance of the implemented systems. After all, a proven Partner gains the customer’s trust, and the New Formula is very conducive to this process.

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