Young Programmer! Time for school – ABAP is calling!

The end of the summer holidays is inevitably drawing near and all pupils and students are getting ready to return to classes. At Hicron, however, our ABAP school is holiday-proof and remains active even in the summer months. Our traineeship programs took off over five years ago, and since then every year we have been training up to a dozen people, who get the chance to learn the ins and outs of programming in SAP. What does the training of the young ABAP-ers look like?

Wrocław or… Malaga?

A three-month front-end traineeship on Fiori ended in mid-June, followed by the launch of an ABAP traineeship that will last until the end of September. However, this edition is unique because we are conducting traineeships in two locations at the same time: in the Wrocław office and, for the first time, in the Malaga office as well. In Spain, we are currently teaching three trainees. We work in English and stream our lectures in both Poland and Spain. Each group is assigned a supervisor, but other persons also conduct additional training on a regular basis.

– What works for us is mentorship provided to our new trainees by former graduates of our traineeship programs. Marek Antoszewski, our Junior SAP Technology Consultant, who completed his traineeship at Hicron three years ago, is currently staying in Malaga for this very reason – says Michał Matyjaszczyk, SAP Technology Manager at Hicron. – Such a person, of similar age and experience, better understands the other trainees.

The group supervisor has a similar opinion: – I was very happy with Michał’s proposal. I’m very pleased with my role and – of course – the Spanish office. I still remember the challenges I faced during my traineeship, so I know how to defuse the emerging tensions. For example, I place great emphasis on preventing the emergence of rivalry, a rat race. I consider mutual support among trainees to be very important. In addition, I’ve noticed that regular, frequent meetings with a mentor encourage trainees to take action, motivate them to study and work. And frankly, it works both ways. I also learn a lot and develop my soft skills in the process.

Who can become a trainee at Hicron?

The people who come to Hicron for traineeships often have just graduated or are in the process of studying IT majors. So we are prepared to accommodate the limited availability of juniors:

– I myself came for the traineeship during my first year. After finishing it I worked part-time and studied at the same time – says Marek Antoszewski. – Michał Matyjaszczyk informed me at the very beginning that such a flexible approach to my working hours would be possible. The traineeship started in August and was overlapping with the academic year, so we had to clarify this matter early on. It was very important for me that Hicron took my other obligations into account.

The traineeship is intended mainly for people who know the basics of programming but want to enter the SAP environment. Still, the teaching of the ABAP language at universities is not very advanced and usually takes place as part of additional classes. At Hicron our approach to teaching is very comprehensively and, most importantly – future-oriented.


– What interests me the most in ABAP is object-oriented programming, which is also used in other languages. This is a concept that resonates with me – says Marek Antoszewski. – In addition, broadly understood business processes play an important role here. Having to consider these additional aspects is a very rewarding challenge.

The ABAP training mechanism is updated at Hicron every year. We are committed to a formula that is comprehensive and reflects ongoing changes. Recently, we have been putting more emphasis on full-stack, but trainees have the opportunity to try their hand at different areas and explore several paths of development. Hicron is diverse, and in addition to the SAP part, there is also the Software House, so the options for further careers are numerous.

– We are committed to training specialists. We don’t conduct traineeships just for the sake of it. We always believe that this is just the beginning of our journey together, and we hope to keep the best people – concludes Michał Matyjaszczyk. – Hicron is growing dynamically, so the trainees don’t compete for one or two vacancies. If we believe four out of five are great, we will try to keep all four of them.

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