A few reasons to drop by our stand

Yet again Hicron will participate in the Academic Job Fair. The event is organised by the Manus Foundation and Career Office of the University of Technology in Wrocław. The fair will take place on 11th-12th March in the Integrated Student Centre of the University of Technology in Wrocław (building C-13 , 23/25 Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego Street).

It’s the XXI edition of the fair, and since 2003 it’s traditionally been organised at the beginning of each semester. The Job Fair is a perfect opportunity to establish relations with prospective employers, which is why the event draws in a dozen or so thousand students interested in offers presented by an ever growing number of companies. Organisers predict that this year’s event will feature more than 80 company stands, which are certain to include Hicron – the leader in IT system integration.

At the Hicron stand you will have the opportunity to talk to consultants and programmers alike, who will reveal details about work on Hicron’s projects and self-development perspectives provided by the company. HR department employees on the other hand will present a company’s step-by-step process of recruitment and describe requirements for applicants.

We kindly invite you to drop by!

A conversation with Hicron’s employees is not only a chance to obtain valuable information about the company, but is also an opportunity to apply for offered job posts. It is worthwhile to use this opportunity by leaving a perfect CV which will make you stand out from the crowd. How do you do this? Certain hints can be found in the “Unrivalled CV in the IT industry” article.

Do you like challenges? Do you want to prove yourself? Is mediocrity not for you? We can offer a job in one of the most innovative contemporary industries – advanced IT solutions design based on modern technologies. We provide the opportunity to take part in novel projects realised for leading companies; both in Poland and abroad. We guarantee cooperation with people of extraordinary ideas and hobbies, who value motivation, engagement and sense of humour. We have traded tight-fitting ties and schema to freedom and creativity. There is no place for boredom here, but there is one for a good joke. See current job offers and join Hicron.