Since 1 January 2016, Hicron, a company specializing in the implementation of complex IT projects, will take a new form. Supporting agility organization management strategy, this has had the result of the rapid development of the company, employment growth and the need to respond quickly to rapidly changing market trends.

With the implementation of these assumptions Partners managing company decided to optimize both internal structures and the appointment of a new composition of the Board. In its composition were: Michał Guzek, CEO, responsible for Sales, Slawomir Dąbek, COO, head of department Implementation Services, as well as Catherine Sokalska, CFO Management Department of Finance and Support.

We are constantly developing and changing. Like the market, economic realities and our customers. However, the ability to rapid response and decision-making always been about our competitive advantage. Therefore, regardless of size, complexity or level of market challenges we remember about her weight. Today, with the new division of responsibilities we want to send to both the environment and the interior of the organization a strong signal about its strengthening. The aim is also to even better use of the potential accumulated over the 10 years of the company in its most valuable capital – human capital. We are convinced that setting clear objectives, values ​​and understandable framework with a large degree of autonomy for middle-level managerial ambition we enter into the second has 10 years of Hicron – says Michał Guzek, CEO of Hicron.

The strategy assumes Hicron concentration both in the sales markets, as well as product and service portfolio. Better scheme will allow further strengthening of sales, to provide even more complete synergy expectations of our customers with the capabilities of their implementation.

An important part of the changes resulting from Hicron 2.0 is also the continuation of a two-track strategy, financial management of the company. Two pillars representing support for the faster growing companies have been deeply optimized.

To implement the new strategy Hicron is primarily to support the construction of more and stronger brand companies at home and abroad. Current Board oversees key areas, existing partners maintain corporate governance, and the newly-appointed managers Transformation gain extensive autonomy in the implementation of objectives and strategies Hicron the developed tools.