2016 greeted us with new projects. In the client catalog, many more companies appeared, including ones connected with the automotive, FMCG, medicine and interior design.

We finished the project carried out for the National Depository for Securities, where he worked on the development of the system, Business Intelligence consulting and concept development processes, as well as the replacement of the ascending process of planning and budgeting as well as optimization of reporting and consolidation of reports in SAP BW data warehouse.

As a continuation of cooperation with Onninen Hicron consultants provide support in terms of training consultation. The next phase of action to conduct the Global Cosmed Group, backing companies and rollout of SAP ERP to the company’s Global Cosmed Domal GmbH.

We also started working with Solaris Bus & Coach, a leading manufacturer of buses, trams and trolleybuses. At the moment we are working on a project implementation unit also guarantees the implementation of new functionalities. All work is performed in an agile methodology, which ensures the possibility of testing the Customer small batches of the project to accelerate the implementation of the entire project.

Start productive module warranty is divided into two stages: the implementation of the basic functionality for workshops and national subsidiaries will be launched in October 2016, and the implementation of additional functionality will be launched in February 2017.

In RuckZuck, Classen Group company offering a range of floating floor, the team Hicron implement an innovative solution in the area of ​​a quick sale in showrooms RZ using SAP tools Fiori. Implemented POSBOX, which through connection to the central SAP system enables sales with touch devices and quickly generate orders.

ProLogis, the largest supplier of warehouses in Poland, have completed the implementation of a telemetry system Rhino AMI supporting the management of remote meter readings media with a dedicated web application and all necessary appliances made by Rhino, part Hicron Group.

Intensely also we operate in the area optimization of SAP systems to our customers in line with the latest guidelines of SAP related to changes in the Single File Control. The work performed, among others, for KPPD Szczecinek, WAGO, Oninnen, Linde Gas and Novol.

In the process of implementation are also key projects for brands Balluf, Organika, Fresenius Medical Care.

Collaboration with our customers is based on partnership, long-term relationships. This strategy benefits both parties: the customer gets a reliable service provider who first puts the recognition of the needs of the organization and implementation of their supporting technology solutions and IT services provider can count on long-term cooperation and participation in the next stages of development.