Wrocław’s Hicron has once again turned into a center of discussions about innovative technologies. After the meetings about the automotive industry and utilities, this time we will focus on the latest sales tools. On April 21 we invite you to Sales Booster Meeting.

Sales Booster Meeting is an event aimed at people involved in the sales area: executives, managers, traders. The meeting is aimed at the free exchange of views and ideas on developing commercial activities based on the latest technological solutions. Together with the participants face the most nurtującymi questions during the workshop “Tools Technology vendors of tomorrow.”

As an integrator of IT systems, as well as enthusiasts of innovative technological solutions we would like to exchange with you the knowledge of information technology tools capable of exceptional reach sales processes to a higher level through their arrangement, prediction, opportunity analysis and more. We’ll talk about CRM, among other things, C4C, Fiori, Success Factors: Information novelties that already use the most important market players, referring thanks to the remarkable successes – says Michał Guzek, CEO of Hicron. – Knowledge is not worth stopping for yourself, you need to share it: why Sales Booster Meeting will not be a typical conference, but a place of cooperation and discussion. Showing new possibilities and merits of these tools made by practitioners – he adds.