In relation to the new regulations concerning the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak issued for countries in which we carry out project works, we have taken additional measures to limit the spread of the infection, protect the health of all employees, and ensure the continuity of our services.

Our guidelines are based on the information provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS), the Ministry of Health (MZ), and the World Health Organization (WHO). We introduced a complete ban on business trips and made remote service provision mandatory, with presence in Hicron offices only allowed when absolutely necessary. We would also like to emphasize that, in accordance with WHO recommendations, we implemented the guidelines regarding conduct after stays in high-risk countries. After their return from foreign business trips, our employees are obliged to work remotely for 14 days.

Please be advised that we have implemented procedures as well as technological and organizational solutions that allow us to effectively provide our services remotely. As the last two weeks showed, our employees are capable of providing all services without any disruptions, on schedule, and with no departures from the previously developed standards.

What is more, we are actively helping our Clients adapt to these regulations and introduce fully remote work by offering advice in the area of organization, processes, and technology. Should you require such support, please contact your Hicron account manager.

We continue to use our best efforts to maintain a high level of services while adapting to the new regulations. You will be promptly informed about any potential schedule changes by our project managers.